Motihari Brigade’s super groovy new album “Algorithm & Blues”

If George Orwell had a rock band, it would be Motihari Brigade. This album is a super groovy/funky collection of tracks created to help listeners escape zombie dystopia and more happily navigate the virtual reality show we are all busily sharing on our smart appendages. “Algorithm & Blues” has it all, and a bit more. LISTEN NOW!


What’s going on, you fine ladies and gentlemen? It’s your cybernetic musical wizard, MadZen, and today we have a delightful full-length album for you! Hooray! Brought to us by this amazing, Indianapolis-based Rock band, “Algorithm & Blues” serves its purpose as a musical enhancer to our everyday digital life. Let’s get to it!

Created by singer, songwriter, and guitarist Eric Winston, Motihari Brigade is based on the dystopian world of legendary writer George Orwell. The all-seeing eye of our smartphones, the avalanche of media content, and digital pollution are taking over our lives. Motihari Brigade is here on a mission to help us disconnect with their Rock-N-Roll Thoughtcrime for independent minds!

Beginning with the fantastic opening track “Algorithm & Blues”, we start our groovy journey through cool and amazing songs like the reggae-infused “Reality Show”, the eye-opening “The Party Is Over”, and the guitar solo extravaganza of “Rock-n-Roll Thoughtcrime”. You will also calm your nerves (or maybe not) with the Bluesy “Identity Theft”, a slow-tempo track with all the Blues!

Motihari Brigade’s official short film explores the struggle to perceive reality amidst the onslaught of corporate-state technological dystopian narrative control.

The album’s cover art features red wine spilling from a shattered glass of elegant stemware, symbolizing the decadent party that is now winding down while a new generation seeks its place in a diminished world.

There’s even a great cover of one of the best songs ever created “Street Fighting Man” by The Rolling Stones, and Motihari Brigade absolutely nailed it! Every track has amazing instrumentation, from ravenous guitars, to extremely well-played drum and bass, and even a superb brass section!

“Be Free” is another one of my favorites ’cause it reminded me of the great Pink Floyd. Definitely one of the best tracks. Then you have the pretty fella of “Minefields and Downfalls” with its beautiful retro-feeling composition. Also, the comedic “We Are The Germs”, with actual germs doing the singing!

Human communication has become increasingly difficult in this polarized dystopian technological age. We hope that people can still overcome that divisive tribalism and find a common shared humanity. “Algorithm & Blues” is about an emerging shift – the ideas of the past transforming and evolving into something new. People are exploring outside the lines of the accepted narrative. Its contested terrain between humans and the centralized machine. That’s what Rock-n-Roll thoughtcrime is all about.” – Motihari Brigade

All of this and more awaits in this perfectly crafted album, filled with retro melodies and compositions that take us back to better times, and beautiful guitar work! So go ahead and


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