An Awkward Social – “Once It’s Over”

This is a very interesting single. Musically speaking, “Once It’s Over” is uplifting and moving, while the lyrics express totally the opposite. A weird yet refreshing mix between Indie Rock and electronic beats. LISTEN NOW!

Extra, extra! A new single has just arrived and this one’s as fresh as baked bread. What’s going on guys, it’s your pal, MadZen and man, am I intrigued by today’s single! Very few songs achieve to captivate me like this track does, and I think it’s because of all of it’s beautiful flaws. Brought to us by South African project An Awkward Social, this song holds a light of its own. Let’s get to it!

An Awkward Social is the musical child of Cape Town-based artist and musician Franco Bolleurs, a young producer who has been creating music since he was in high school, and started to release it in 2017. Inspired by artists like Miike Snow, Matt Maeson, Bon Iver, and Tom Rosenthal, Franco delivers a sound that’s unique and true to him. Right from his source!

Once It’s Over” is a strange mix between Arctic Monkeys and EDM, I know, it reads weird but hear me out. Franco’s vocals are vulnerable, with an honest lyricism that sheds light on the anxiety he has been going through. While the lyrics are raw, the musical offering in this track explodes in the chorus with all the ecstasy of EDM. Uncommon? Yes. Brilliant? Absolutely!

The track has a modern sound that cannot be catalogued as Indie Rock, not even electronica. It lives somewhere in the Indie Pop realm, but still doesn’t quite fit. I believe such is the reason that makes this track so good and so intriguing. But please guys, do let me know what you think.

Once It’s Over is probably the song that took me the longest to complete so far. I’ve been dealing with some anxiety issues and writing this has been a form of therapy for me to try and understand what was going on with me. The idea is that the vocals is what is going through my mind, while the uplifting bass and chorus is the happy image I portray.” – Franco

The South African is currently working on his third album, he explains that his music tends to vary in genres and moods quite a lot so it will show all sides of him. If you liked the track I’m sure you’d like the rest of his catalogue so why not give it a listen? Anyways, that’s it from me guys. See you on the next one!

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