Danny K – “Handsome & Crisp”

This old-school type of Hip Hop beat carries us through some nice, nostalgic vibes created with classic sample chops and melodic loops. “Handsome & Crisp” mixes the heat with the velvet with its smooth bars and pristine eloquence. LISTEN NOW!

What’s going on everybody! It’s your favorite DJ, MadZen and today we have a nice, short, retro-feeling Hip Hop track that takes us back to another era. Brought to us by Orlando-based rapper, Danny K, this single is as smooth as linen and you’ll find yourself playing it over again and again! Let’s get to it!

So, Danny K is Danny Krikorian aka Danny K Beats, a producer and artist who writes and creates his own music, from the heated beats, to the harmonic chord progressions. He is inspired by guys like Kanye West, MF Doom, Eminem, Freddie Gibbs, Madlib, Kendrick Lamar… you get the point. He loves rap! And we do too, so I’m sure you’ll find it easy to become fond of his new tune.

“Handsome & Crisp” is an MF Doom / Freddie Gibbs / Benny the Butcher inspired track with fancy jazz melodies created to give people substance. Although it’s a short track, you’ll have to replay it again to spot and appreciate every element Danny embedded on the track. From the tight beat to the sexy loops, the track offers a warm sensation of being in another time, a better time.

I’m presenting listeners with an avant-garde experience that is both spiritually fulfilling and musically captivating. Inspired by the jazzy era of 90s Hip-Hop as well as the more industrial, experimental trap sound of the 2010s onward, Danny K seeks to push the boundaries of music even further, bending genres and breaking barriers. Furthermore, on top of the unique production, Danny offers his lyrical ballads with words that truly capture the attention of the listener.

– Danny K

Mastered by Santiago Mastering, “Handsome & Crisp” takes part on a string of releases prepared by the artist to keep his listeners on their toes. He plans on releasing a new track every month, so you can expect much more to come from this American rapper.

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