Chris Mason’s exciting debut single “Justify”

With this single, Chris Mason a UK musician makes us listen and focus on the things that really matter. “Justify” is all about the injustice we’re living in today, wrapped within a super cool Alt-Rock essence.


Hello guys! Welcome back. It’s your boy MadZen and, as always, it’s a pleasure to greet you once more, I hope you’ve been enjoying the tunes we’ve had for you this month! Today we have a very cool track that reminded me of the U2 golden days, I’m talking about way back to the Vertigo era.

Let me introduce you to Chris Mason, a singer-songwriter from Midlands who puts melody as the most important element in his songs. He combines heart-felt lyrics, an intense, brooding groove and soaring alt-rock melodies to deliver a powerful message.

“First time listeners can expect great melodies. It’s what my songs and lyrics are initially born from. It may be a slower song, it may be a higher energy track with a faster tempo, but melody will always be at the heart of them all.” – Chris Mason

In his debut single, “Justify” Chris talks about all the injustice in the world. Making use of a driving guitar riff, he built an exciting uptempo track that blasts away with steady and fearless energy. Just like a freight-train, this track comes at you with an unstoppable and amazing force. It’s pretty cool!

Lyrics are about the “never ending lies that are told everyday by people that are supposed to want the best for us. All the agenda driven garbage thats rammed down our throats on the so called global news outlets.“, Chris explains. With a melodic and well-seasoned voice, he breaks through the noise and captivates with his unique style of songwriting, always coming from the soul.

This is incredibly important to me. Many of my songs tell stories, many have what I believe to be important messages. But most importantly of all…My music will always make you feel something!!” – Chris Mason

Whether it is the driving riffs, the hard-hitting drums, the soaring guitar melodies, or Chris’ powerful message, you’re guaranteed to find a pulling force within “Justify” that’ll make you listen to it over and over again. So, let’s get going and PRESS PLAY NOW!

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