A tribute to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. “The Queen’s Archangel” is a collage of cyberpunk samples put together to bring out emotion. LISTEN NOW!

What’s going on guys, it’s your boy MadZen and today we have a cyberpunk-kinda track that’s been just released by New York producer, Scott Foster. For Foster, music is about emotions, and he tried to convey what he felt after hearing about the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Let’s get to it!

Foster entered a music contest last week where you had to create a track out of a music pack. The next day, after he had chose some samples and began his exploration, the Queen passed away. Foster was baffled, so he made of this track his tribute for the Queen.

“The Queen’s Archangel” is more a collage than it is a composition. You will listen to cyberpunk loops and some ethereal vocals. Influenced by Trance, Film Scores, and Techno music, Foster put together what he felt suitable to express his feelings.

I started making music during the lockdown period here in the US. I have always loved music and at the time I was hosting my own radio show on the Stationhead app. An internet radio app where anyone could host their own show and play whatever they want. I still have shows there. As a fan of EDM music, I was excited when I learned the legendary festival “Tomorrowland” was going to be virtual that Summer (20202). I got the idea of making my own music having played around with samples before. And so began my love of making electronic music.” – Scott Foster

This is Foster’s 12th release since that Summer of 2020. His taste spans from the rainbow of EDM music, to tracks in Trance, Deep House, Synthwave and now Cyberpunk. He also loves film scores and that vibe finds its way into his music often.

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