Blue Lush – “Save Me”

This is an amazingly explosive Pop Rock track with a beautiful vocal interpretation. “Save Me” says goodbye to an idolized lover, while regaining confidence in oneself, reminding us that only we are in control of our fate and destiny. LISTEN NOW!

What’s going on guys! It’s your music lover, MadZen, and today we have a pretty intense track that amazes with the way it grows and grows, until it explodes into a beautifully chaotic musical masterpiece. Brought to us by New York’s Pop Rock quintet, Blue Lush, this song will give you strength to carry on after a tough break up. Let’s get to it!

Blue Lush is a new band from New York created by musicians Matt McKeon, Katherine Aybar, and Tina Miller after meeting at Molloy College’s Music Therapy Program. The three of them bonded thanks to their love of music and healing and so they decided to get together and share their talents with the world! Two years later, bassist Polly Frances and Drummer Alex DiGiovanna joined the group.

“Save Me” is an emotional tune about letting go. A carefully crafted song that starts with the minimum and goes aaaall the way up to the max! Starting with a classic guitar riff, the track advances with not one, but two perfectly sung vocals and a super bouncy rhythm section. Of course, the dancing bass delivers the foundation and groove, as all the elements come into place.

Lyrics are honest and humane, expressing the realization of the singer that she wanted her special someone to save her, but didn’t even realize it. Written through the lens of a young woman in her teenage years, “Save Me” is an outstanding debut by the New Yorkers, as they fuse genres such as R&B, pop, progressive, jazz, and more.

I wrote this track when I was healing from a breakup. When you’re young and in love, it’s easy to fantasize and idealize a relationship. You think you’re gonna be with that person forever and that they’re gonna “save you.” In reality, you make your own rules. Nobody is in charge of your life like you are. Writing this song was reminding myself of this concept!” – Blue Lush

There’s a lot to discover in this debut single only, which leads the question to what’ll come next from Blue Lush. Without a doubt, these guys are talented, and we can’t wait to listen to some more of their enchanting melodies!

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