Junkyard Romantics – “Mona Lisa”

An eclectic Rock song with a heavy dose of originality. “Mona Lisa” is a single that amazes with its fresh sound and uncommon musical ideas. Definitely bringing something new to the Indie Rock table, this song is filled with authenticity and charisma. LISTEN NOW!

What’s going on guys, welcome back! It’s your musical artisan, MadZen, and today we will look right into the Gioconda’s eyes and see what mysteries she holds. Brought to us by this newly created Indie Rock band, Junkyard Romantics, this is a song full of atmosphere and urgency, sure to captivate the listener from the first play. Let’s get to it!

Ok guys, so, Junkyard Romantics is a newly formed quartet. Meeting back in 2019 at the pub Rhys worked at, founding members Gaz and Rhys clicked immediately over the frustrations of the music scene, their musical influences and football rivalries. They decided to form what would become the new band, later recruiting friends Joey and Jake on drums and guitar to complete the line-up. Influences by bands and artists like David Bowie, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, and Paramore, the group carries a strong 2000’s Indie Rock sound mixed with a modern Psychedelic influence.

“Mona Lisa” is the band’s debut single, and it is dedicated to anyone who doesn’t like smiling for photos. The feelings of insecurity and anxiety are explored in the verses, while the chorus celebrates the joyous truth that real beauty is found in knowing the one you love better than anybody else does. It is a very unique track, with beautifully played drums, steady bass, and echoing, surfy guitars.

Vocals are high-pitched and pristine, reminding us of a bit of Weezer or Bloc Party. The chorus is explosive and magnetic, while the verses are mysterious and elegant. A perfect balance was achieved between the eclectic influences of these guys, which was their goal all along. Carefully crafted, and masterfully interpreted. Thumbs up!

Recorded in Crystal Palace, London.

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