Britny Lobas – “Hollow”

This is a wonderful Pop Rock anthem infused with the seductive influence of Blues and R&B. “Hollow” is about struggling with addiction and alcoholism, the fear of being so desperately trapped in the dark, and the longing desire to be free. Coming up tomorrow, so OUT NOW!

What’s going on everybody! Welcome back. It’s your music addict, MadZen, and today we will prepare for the upcoming single of this wonderful, wonderful singer. Brought to us by USA artist, Britny Lobas, this single is something Amy Winehouse and Janis Joplin would definitely jam to. Let’s get to it!

Ok guys, so, Britny Lobas is an Austin-based rock and pop artist who is originally from Cleveland, Ohio. She is known for her energetic, dynamic, and passionate live performances, exploring the seductive side of Rock. Often referred to as a powerhouse because of her ferocious vocal range, this lady can deliver both sweet, soulful melodies as well as extreme, powerful rock and roll war cries.

Hollow” is her new upcoming single. A song that tackles Britny’s struggle with addiction and alcoholism. Making use of a laid-back beat, tight guitar riffs and a delightful mix between acoustic and electric instruments, the Ohio singer was able to craft a well-balanced structure that is as perfect as it is humane. Exciting, slow-burning, and raw, this track talks about a serious matter without leaving Lobas’ seductive qualities aside.

From start to finish, the song carries us under its Bluesy wing, as Britny softly begins to tell her story. Moving forward, the frustration in the artist’s voice becomes more and more apparent, until it finishes to explode in a last chorus of wailing cries, proper of a banshee. Original and familiar, this tune stands out thanks to its rock and roll eloquence, and its humane imperfections.

With this track, Britny

wishes to inspire others

and give hope in the face

of uncertainty. So,


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