Evil Sweet – “Queen Victoria”

This is a modern, beach-love song with a very rich, analog sounding, instrumentation. “Queen Victoria” is an acoustic Pop Rock track that stands out thanks to its clever composition and pristine production, with every instrument sounding beautifully crisp. OUT NOW!

What’s going on everybody! Welcome back! It’s a me, your music lover, MadZen and today we will go on a sunny ride across the ocean side where the beach awaits us. A brand-new upcoming single about the longing for being loved, or even noticed, by a woman who just doesn’t seem to care… Let’s get to it!

Evil Sweet is a New York based Pop Rock group created by songwriting duo Scotty O’Brien-Curcie and Zachary Castro which has recently grown into a five-piece. Preparing the release of their upcoming studio LP, Evil Sweet are ready to let us hear what their new music is all about.

Queen Victoria” is their lead single release, and it is said to be their most polished production yet. With a beautiful acoustic sound, this track teleports us to the beach as well as it tells the story of an unrequited love. Recorded by Nicholas Starrantino at Westfall Recording Studios, this song delivers a warm analogue sound that emphasises the in-love qualities of the lyrics.

Written by Curcie and Castro, the song follows frontman O’Brien-Curcie and his infatuation with his summer fling. Based on his real-life girlfriend Victoria, the song tells the story of Scotty chasing after his childhood love who he grew up with on the north shore beaches of Long Island and getting rejected throughout adolescence before reconnecting later in life.

Portraying Victoria as a woman with a larger-than-life appeal, Scotty embellishes her beauty with a lean on royal imagery. Acoustic guitars masterfully played bass and swinging drums supported by Bossa Nova rhythms open up the track, leading way to the love-struck vocals. What starts as an upbeat dreamy track unexpectedly slows its tempo after an ingeniously placed breakdown, leaving us with a soothing atmosphere… just before it goes back up again and leads us to the closing finale.

Without a doubt a very delightful track and a

great dedication for that special someone. Let’s

just hope she responds a whole lot better than

Queen Victoria! LISTEN NOW!

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