Kit Citrine “Midnight Masquerade”

It’s Friday, a perfect day for checking out new music releases. Among them is a full-length album from Kit Citrine, a solo artist, who has previously been on the blog with a single “Hollow“, which followed the death of Kit Citrine’s father. That song was one of the three singles released as appetizers for the new album, hinting on the personal and introspective nature the release is to have.

Indeed, Kit Citrine’s new album “Midnight Masquerade” is an autobiographical release looking into the artist’s life events from the past 2 years. Home to 15 songs and running for 45 minutes, the album covers a variety of highly relevant themes ranging from mental health issues, sexual identity and LGBTQ+, illnesses, particularly cancer and Alzheimer’s, as well as giving space for the smaller joys in life. Based on Orlando, the artist is gender-fluid and bisexual, dedicating the album to spread awareness for the aforementioned topics based on the events that happened in these 2 years.

Thus, the record is deep and emotionally heavy, which is reflected by the moody and quite powerful indie pop sound. Lyrically the artist is poetic and deliberate, carefully choosing words to best describe the topic at hand and sprinkling it with references, symbolism and word plays. It’s a bit like listening to excerpts from a diary written by someone skilled with words and with a deep understanding on the matter, only this time it’s also surrounded by music that’s as fitting and shifting as the story they’re in. At the same time, she doesn’t let the poetry get in the way of letting the feelings pour out at their full force.

“Midnight Masquerade” is an entirely self-produced album. Kit Citrine did everything from writing to mastering and marketing the release, underlining the power and the sheer, still overlooked potential producer women have in making music.

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