This is a wonderful, feel-good reggae track created to help the listener bring out all of his/her positivity while battling life-changing events. “Soul Steady Rock” makes you wanna dance to a well-known rhythm, boosted with uplifting lyricism and melodies designed to make you feel Irie. Coming up this Friday, so OUT NOW!

What’s going on brothers and sisters! It’s your reggae enthusiast, MadZen, and today we will prepare for the arrival of an amazing tune crafted with all the talent of these hidden gems from Trinidad & Tobago. Brought to us by two great reggae artists, Neepz and Kabasi, this track will shake away all negative emotions as it urges you to never stop dancing. Let’s get to it!

Neepz is a Los Angeles-based musician from Trinidad & Tobago who traveled to his hometown to meet and work with one of the country’s most popular artists, known as Kabasi, who is currently battling stage-4 cancer. Neepz wrote and sung the chorus to this song with Kabasi in mind, and Kabasi obviously loved it. Together they wrote and sung the beautiful lyrics with an uplifting jovial vibe in the tradition of the Caribbean.

“This song is about a positive vibration that we should all lock into and enjoy the happiness that life brings without the stress of the system. People should look forward to hearing more happy songs with smooth soulful vibes intended to lift spirits and hearts.”


Soul Steady Rock” went all over the world to see its creation. Starting in France with Erbe Riddim Productions, it then appeared in Tobago and Los Angeles, CA simultaneously where Kabasi and Neepz wrote the lyrics. From there it traveled to Stone Tower Studios in Tobago where it was recorded and mixed, and then it made a stop-over in London for mastering with Evenden, before finally docking in Los Angeles with 1440 Entertainment, LLC, where it will then travel to many ears far and wide for years to come!

Musically the song is very familiar to the ear, with a deep low bass, a powerful kick, and all the delightful Caribbean melodies and off-beat rhythms of the beloved genre. Auto-tuned and clean vocals are carefully mixed, with a vibrant and positive interpretation by both Neepz and Kabasi.

“I wanted to write a song to uplift someone’s spirit and felt this was a message and a tune that all people need right now.” – Neepz

Kabasi and Neepz – Recording Studio – Soul Steady Rock

Both Neepz and Kabasi, are currently working on solo EPs to be released in 2023 and will be appearing on Soca riddims playing through Carnival season. They’re known for being versatile artists, each determined not to be boxed into a specific genre because they have a love and affinity for many types of music from Dancehall and Reggae to Hip Hop to Pop.

So go ahead, and LISTEN NOW!

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