Dioneesus cordially invites you to “The Festival”

Where do I even begin about the talented artists, I have seen come out of Pennsylvania lately? It seems like just about every other day I’m reading about new and interesting things happening in that area of the United States. Whether it be something out of Marc Shuster’s (The Star Crumbles) #Tweetcore movement or an assortment of different live music festivals, Pennsylvania really seems to be a place actively celebrating independent music. Today’s featured artist is Dennis McGrath, known by artist name as Dioneesus, who is thriving in, what has been described by the “Trib Live” local paper as a “melting pot of great original music,” the Pittsburg music scene. Only a few months have passed since he debuted the tracks that were to make up his concept album “2024 Side A” live at the Millvale Music Festival in May. After a month-long writing retreat, Dioneesus is at it again, releasing and performing songs that are to be featured on the follow up “2024 Side B” (co-penned by Ny’Ara Williams in Pittsburg’s Swissvalle neighborhood). The album release show will be held at the esteemed Redfishbowl Art Studio on November 11th, 2022.

The first single to be officially released from the album is “The Festival,” a beat knocking, genre blending, word-smithing, experimental hip hop track. There is also accompanying this track a music video that you can enjoy below:

This track sets the tone for the concept, and it will also be the featured song on a “making the album” behind the scenes documentary in the works. Dioneesus describes the track:

“A tribal piece combining world drums, Led Zeppelin inspired electric guitar, and hip-hop vocal delivery”

Dioneesus on “The Festival”

I had the pleasure of getting a sneak peek at the upcoming track and it’s fire. Smooth, flowing vocal delivery with a bars of word play and zingers establish the thematic “festival” you are about to experience. Leaning right into character as implied by name (Dioneesus being a derivative of Dionysus, the God of ritual and ecstasy) he sings, “and all the people at the festival, taking drugs, gettin high and enjoy the show” during the hook. Indeed, the sharp-tongued MC keeps the “man bun, beer drinking, festival guy” vibe in party mode, but lyrical edginess is sure to keep you somewhere between revolution and non-stop party.

“Listeners should expect the unexpected. Dioneesus creates an eclectic mix of sounds that are influenced by a multitude of disciplines and cultures. The end result is a work of art that stands unique and distinguished.

His lyrics paint vivid pictures of compelling stories that bring scenes and characters to life to accompany the backdrop of sonic textures. Each track is an evolution in an artistic journey that seeks to connect to the very core of what makes us human.”

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