Laredo’s Bag – “Last Night”

This debut single is the proof that you’re never too old to try something new. This 70 year old musician is versatile, unpredictable, and committed to meaningful songwriting. LISTEN NOW!

What’s going on guys! It’s your boy, MadZen, and today we have a very special guest in our blog. A USA musician with a lot of experience on his back. Bringing us a dancing Rock & Roll track infused with the groovy stylings of 80’s Pop, Laredo’s Bag is a wonderful new project with still a lot to offer. Let’s get to it!

Created by “one seventy-year-old”, Laredo’s Bag is making a debut with this upbeat single. Written, produced, and recorded all by himself, “Last Night” achieves to amaze thanks to the high amount of energy and talent it holds. A wonderful danceable beat, and a pristine musical execution make of this track a sight to see.

“Last Night” is a track about insecurity and hope after a blind date with someone you really liked. With a brilliant interpretation, Laredo’s Bag takes us on a journey to a whole day of having fun with someone for the first time. Vocals deliver a spoken-word lyricism, reminding us of bands like Talking Heads or artists like Iggy Pop. With an absolute mastery, this seventy year old charms its way with an amazing spirit and a solid push.

Laredo’s Bag has to record when the dogs aren’t barking and the parrot isn’t screaming, but that doesn’t stop him to create a perfectly produced track. You will listen to a super funky drum beat, supported by a tight bass and rock n roll guitars with a very nice tone. The artist confesses his real name to his blind date, after having lied before with the opening verse “My name’s Paul, last night I told you it was Mike”.

What stands out more about this track is the lyrical ability of this man, and the way he approaches story telling in a soothing and seamless way. There is in fact a full album coming, and we cannot wait to listen to what this “seventy-year-old” has to say.

hmm…. I’m too old to play games with all of this, so I’ll begin by saying that as a seventy-year-old I’m enjoying challenging myself in countless respects by ATTEMPTING to write and produce (solo and with the most basic of “desk” studios) quality songs — despite my severely limited musical/technical proficiencies. As any aspirational songwriter would say, I hope my songs have appeal to those who might listen; but it’s my greater hope that I’m able to contribute some appreciable originality within each song. For me, there’s nothing trite or shallow in my saying, “I wonder if I can actually accomplish this before my life is over.”

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