Paraphon “Anecdotes of Wired Minds”

Imagine one night in an apartment overlooking a bustling city. That’s home to a young woman lying awake at 3AM with her crush filling up all her thoughts. This was a night painted in full color by Paraphon, who captivated the all-encompassing longing with their signature retro futuristic synthpop sound. Now, the Swiss synthpop duo returns to bring forth a full-length release of fresh dreamy synth-pop goodness.

It’s “Anecdotes of Wired Minds“. Home to 8 songs, including the song of a girl consumed by her loving thoughts – “Miles” – the LP takes us to a journey through time, from the golden era of synthpop in the 80s to the current age, witnessed through the metaphorical eyes of synthesizers. It begins with the warm lush sounds evoking dreamy thoughts at the wake of dawn with a morning coffee before taking a little jump into the dancy side of classic synthpop that gets the feet moving as well as short explorations of instrumental synthwave sounds.

As the album progresses, so does the sound, slowly evolving from the heartwarming classics to more daring and expansive productions. Flooding futuristic atmospheres, synths taking the shape of other instruments yet keeping the synth identity and increasingly more explorative themes build up to the climax at the end of the album, the explosion of synth-driven sounds filling the senses with ecstasy. Synths, the omnipresent part of everything audio, have gone through a wonderful journey and there is no telling what’s going to be next!

“We‘ve recorded the album over the last year in our home studio. We‘ve done everything completely hometown from songwriting and production to the design of the artwork and all the music videos for the singles. On the release day we’ll have a release show for the record in our hometown St. Gallen.”


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