Tired All The Time- “Regrets”

Today’s featured single is a satiric critique to how the promise of a better future may destroy what it aims to achieve. “Regrets” by Tired All The Time mixes just the right amount of quirky pop-punk with intelligent commentary to deliver a thought-provoking commentary of economics with such style and music to deliver the message!

Tired All The Time is a band made up of Michael Richard Tally (vocals/synths), Brian Miller (bass) and Edward Barakauskas (drums). They are mainly known for their style, in which they adopt rock, pop-punk, to deliver critical commentary of the modern world, being about lifestyle, pollution, healthcare, among other things. Their main objective is to reflect how political and economic forces manifest in our lives. As such, they tackle dark subject matter with sense of humor, as we can appreciate in the singles “Sun” and “Then and There”. “Regrets” takes us to shopping malls to reflect about the psychic and economic shifts that took place during the 70’s, with the realization that maybe we lost something along the way…

Regrets” creates an atmospheric emotion with the use of synths to paint a both nostalgic and bittersweet emotion. The lyrics and the music create a contradicting tone in which we hear the promises of a future that may never come. Tired All The Time uses the sounds characteristic of the era to critique the sense of 80’s nostalgia. The vocals, which are both musically and thematically clear, expertly transmit the critique with a powerful tone. Even though we are led to believe everything was better. We wish to turn back time, to live in that era, but there is something dark living in there, something that was always there, but we could not see due to our nostalgia. Due to that, we will make the same mistakes.

“Regrets” is a dark track with a touch of humor, characteristic of Tired All The Time.

Give it a listen NOW!

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