Blue Work – “The End Of The Ride”

The only flaw within this track is that it doesn’t last longer. “The End Of The Ride” is a beautiful, atmospheric, experimental pop track with a dose of electronica that captivates the senses and soothes the listener.

Listen now!

What’s going on my friends! Welcome back. I’m very happy to see you here and I wish you’re all well. It’s your personal driver, MadZen, and today we have a very nice track perfect for all you inward seekers out there. Brought to us by a London/Paris duo, this track stimulates our perceptions with a chiaroscuro affinity. Let’s enjoy the ride!

Blue Work is the collaborating effort between multidisciplinary artists, Hortensia and Vee. They are known for layering warm, enchanting vocals on top of kaleidoscopic electronica, approaching genres like alt-pop, retro-wave, and trip-hop. Lyrically they explore themes of struggle and personal growth, inspired by their visual art background, making the project not only a musical endeavour but rather
a holistic form of authentic artistic expression.

“The End Of The Ride” is their newest single and it holds within a hypnotizing selection of warm synth melodies, minimal rhythmical textures, and soft ethereal vocals. The mixture between chaotic and harmonious elements follows the duo’s finely established line of blending light with dark sensibilities. This exposes a mature sound, embellished with fine artistry.

This is one of those tracks that you’ve gotta listen on repeat to fully get a grasp of everything going on inside. Subtle, melodious, and carefully tethered melodies and rhythms dance an eclectic dance that invite for appreciation and wonder. Hortensia’s vocals are sweet and tender, yet holding within a sense of struggle, fight, and overcome.

London and Paris working together is definitely a thing of beauty, and with this track Hortensia and Vee keep pushing forward to convey their own, unique artistic vision. Whether you’re new to their kind of music, or an enthusiast of trip-hop / alt-pop, and so on, this track will most definitely earn a place in your thoughts and playlists.


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