This track is so good I had to listen to it twice. Everything about “Buddy Hollywood” emanates feel-good vibes as it hits you with a healthy dose of Soul and Jazz.


What’s going on everybody! Glad to see you around. It’s your buddy, MadZen, and today we have an excellent new track ready to inject some positivity into your system. We know you need it! Brought to us by two great musicians, Chris Hudgins and Dubxilla, this song is an homage to all hometowns. Let’s get it!

Chris Hudgins is a musician who has been playing music for 22 years. He was born in Texas, but grew up just north of Amarillo in Dumas before moving to Lubbock, where he’s been performing professionally for 11 years. He’s known for delivering smooth and spontaneous performances, along with an upbeat and genuine vibe.

“Buddy Hollywood” is his new track, made in collaboration with Dubxilla. Inspired by both Buddy Holly and Hudgins’ hometown, Lubbock, TX, the two artists crafted a track that carries influences from Pop, R&B, and Soul. The result is a fantastic, soft, groovy experience that feels like a holiday. After listening to this track, some people have the sense that everything is going to be just right.

Chris delivers melodious and passionate vocals with positive lyricism, while Dubxilla throws bars like a champ, with a flow that’s both carefree and chilled. Of course, their amazing rhythmic section does a fantastic job at keeping the laid-back mood with swinging drums, a fatty bass, and R&B/Jazz guitars (with the guitarist playing a masterful guitar solo by the end).

“One day my friend Nathan (Dubxilla) told me he wanted to write a song about Buddy Holly and Lubbock, TX, where we live, with the title of “Buddy Hollywood.”. I thought it was a good idea, then went home to write the chorus/hook part. I recorded it and created a simple beat and space for verses, then sent it to Dubxilla. He wrote the verses the next day, then we got together and started recording in my living room, bringing in our electric guitar friends Jacob Nalle and Cameron “Cornbread” Baker. I want this song to feel like taking a vacation from right where you are!!”

– Chris Hudgins

Already named the THE Lubbock summer anthem of 2022, this track satisfies every need and soothes any worries. Chris is also preparing the release of an upcoming album in two or three months that will showcase his unique soul style. We cannot wait! In the meantime,

LISTEN NOW Buddy Hollywood!!!

Chris also has an album

coming out November 1st


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