The Midnight Foxes – “Running In The Rain”, “Pepper Gate”, and “Tell Tale Heart,

Not one, not two, but three great original tracks are coming up next. Exciting, fresh new music delivered with the best quality of sound, musicianship, and songwriting. Music inspired by the 00’s, covering themes like forbidden love, keeping deadly secrets, and persevering through depression.

What’s going on guys! It’s me, your best friend MadZen, and today I am super hyped because we have three great tracks for you and, trust me, they’re all bangers. Brought to us by Chester, UK Indie Rock group The Midnight Foxes, these three singles are that which you didn’t know you needed. So, let’s get to it!

So, The Midnight Foxes is a British five-piece who describe their music as ‘High Energy’ Indie-Rock with elements of Space Rock. Whoa! Created by Joseph Fox (a coincidence based on Fox being his married name, after the formation of the band), the band is inspired by stories of folklore and humanity… which brings us to these three songs!

All tracks are available now for streaming. Pepper Gate, Tell Tale Heart and Running In The Rain.


The last track released in this trifecta is the brand-new fiery single “Running In The Rain“. A song about perseverance through periods of depression. I cannot decide which I love the most: the outstanding vocals, the driving guitar riffs, or the perfect drum fills. Either way, this track was born after the writer was going through a period of depression, and in an attempt to move past it he was trying to exercise, when of course it rained. Running In The Rain!

Depression is a serious matter which affects all of us. If you’re struggling with your mental health, speak to someone.” – TMF


The first released of all, was “Pepper Gate”, a song of forbidden love and being chased for running away with that lover. Based on Chester folklore of an Alderman’s daughter escaping the town to elope with a poor trades apprentice, the track really feels like a high-speed chase filled with exciting rhythm guitars, full-speed drums, earth-shaking percussions, tightly played bass, and vocals that succeed in inspiring with their powerful performance. Man, what a start. Love this track! You can really hear the 00’s Indie Rock influences.


In the middle, we have the Poe-tic track “Tell Tale Heart”. Inspired by the Boston writer’s infamous story, this single is about keeping a secret which could destroy your life. An emotional and progressive song filled with inevitable crescendos, tender acoustic guitars that evolve into high-gain explosions, and an actual heartbeat that slowly loses its beat as the song ends… While the song is about keeping, and being caught in a terrible secret, none of The Midnight Foxes have any terrible secrets…don’t research that.

There you go guys; you can enjoy now all these tracks. For me, my favorites are Pepper Gate and Running In The Rain, I’m wondering which’ll be yours!

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  1. Feel more or less the same way MadZen, love all the tracks but, without doubt my very favorite track is “Running In The Rain” was the first that I listen of them, and I get hooked immediately by the intro and the chorus is an earworm, I don’t run much but listening to this track feel like I should.

    1. By the way, two things, The Infinity Process article now counts with the Bandcamp player for “Dystopia” and the second thing, today’s article 9 Albums/EPs Week 37 I’m doing an invitation to our category “Only Bandcamp” and have a whole paragraph about this topic, I guess you should enjoy it, my friend. Cheers!!!

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