Fifi C “Baby Me”

Have you ever taken a step back to see how you’re treating yourself when some kind of setback happened to come by? You would think that since you’re a grown person and everything, you should be able to handle this harsh critical way of thinking coming from others as well as yourself. But in reality, even older people need to rethink how they’re treating themselves, no matter what the age number or obtained skills show. That’s what today’s artist Fifi C wishes to show us in her new music.

Sorrowful and vulnerable, the new single from this UK-based singer-songwriter is an emotionally heavy piano-driven ballad titled “Baby Me”. Shedding new light from a different angle to this issue of never being enough for yourself and others, fueled by social media and societal pressures, Fifi C uses her vocal powers to describe the pain and anguish reaching well beyond words. Partly it’s also a song of strong desire to go back in time and shield her vulnerable self from harm’s way. Either way, the lyrics hit really hard, particularly those from the chorus: “Look after the baby me ’cause she never asked to be!”

“I wrote Baby Me to give our younger selves the voices we didn’t have. We’ve all become wrapped up in societal pressures, overly self-critical and overwhelmed with life. It’s so easy to take it out on ourselves. But remember how innocent and pure we once were. Would you treat the baby you the same way you treat yourself now? Would you let people treat baby you the way they treat grown-up you? We all know the expression treat others the way you would want to be treated, but I say treat yourself the way you would treat the baby you.”

Fifi C

“Baby Me” is the debut single from Fifi C, an artist who has been pulled into creative arts since she was young. Theater performances and music both enamored the budging creative, and now Fifi C is ready to share her own sound with listeners. Inspired by artists with great voices such as Hannah Reid, Nina Simone and YEBBA and combining elements of soul, jazz and pop, Fifi C’s sound is dramatic, powerful and full of close-to-heart messages carried by her own vocal style.

“I write from the heart and don’t beat around the bush. If I feel it or have felt it, I’ll probably write about it. I think the more uncomfortable the topic, the better. It’s the uncomfortable topics that need to be spoken about.”

Fifi C

The new single “Baby Me” is out now on your favourite platforms!

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  1. Beautiful sentiment for those of us who struggle with identify. Myself included.

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