Elad David’s new EP focuses on the “Big Picture”

An exciting new EP entitled “The Big Picture” just dropped 2 weeks ago, October 7th, by Elad David, an artist from Israel. There are a variety of different challenges that come about when writing about artists, but Elad David presents a unique one. The guy does everything. He is a multi-instrumentalist; except he sings too. For example, as he did in his Hard-Rock, Bruce Lee inspired, “Be Like Water” that was his last single (not counting the ones that are included in this EP) back in February.

He is an exceptional guitarist, except he’s also a masterful Uke player that just released “Uke Fever” for his last album back in January. His discography is an impressive body of work any solo artist would be proud of, except he’s also the lead guitarist in the BAND Kalbei Pavlov. He also recorded, played all instruments, programmed, mixed and mastered the EP as well.

Elad, you know I have a job to do here, right? At this point I feel like we’ve touched on everything. What’s that? Oh. Turns out he also drew the cover art for the EP. I feel like I better get to writing this review before he writes the article for me. He’d probably do it better, but that’s beside the point!


So, as I dig into this EP for the first time, I’m asking myself, will this be an Uke project? Will there be vocals? Is it Rock? And guess what. I wasn’t surprised. Not because I anticipated anything correctly. No. But because with Elan David I’ve learned that what to expect, is the unexpected. General first impressions, if I absolutely had to TRY and put a label on it, would be, imagine if Joe Satriani joined Dave Matthews Band, and then all those guys decided to start a jam band, hit the road, and live on tour playing shows like Ween or the Grateful Dead.

So, it’s hard for me to define my music, my music is very diverse and versatile. I released a song (with vocals) named – Be water (Inspired by Bruce Lee, I wrote the lyrics and I also sing), It’s a hard rock song.

Elad David

The EP consists of five songs. Four of which have been previously released as stand-alone singles.

The EP kicks of with “Funky Smell” which is as the title implies, made up of some funky rhythms with super impressive and skillfully placed lead guitar runs that match riff played on a saxophone. I think this one in particular is the one that really made me think, “oh I hear some Dave Matthews Band influence in there.” In contrast to that reference, however, the song does not stay contained within that spectrum and actually veers off into psychedelic rocking guitar solos.

Puzzle” features huge sounding drum samples and begins similarly to 90’s alternative bands like Garbage or Republica. The synth is hypnotic and the guitar solo is worthy of a wind machine, full of tasty licks and legatos.

A Different View” is the brand new, previously unreleased track on the EP. The primary features in the track are the bluesy progressions and jazzy trumpet leads. It reminds me of something Val Kilmer’s character in the “Salton Sea” would be playing as the house burns down. Honorable mention of the heavy knocking bass, and an impressive electric piano solo. And of course, an epic guitar solo. The guitar solo is played so fast it sounds like classical music at times.

Electrified“- Sounds like the soundtrack of a video game, in particular Double Dragon comes to mind for some reason. There are some funky guitar riffs in the rhythm section placing almost disco sound chords in interesting open spaces of the arrangement. When the guitar solo kicks off it’s face melting, and causes the tune to venture into traditional or power metal sounding parts which is goes hand in hand with old school NES games.

Power of the Soul” closes out the record. It seems to be a culmination of all the sounds we’ve heard so far. It features trippy synths, drum samples, guitar solos of course, and it sounds like a level in Mega Man I still to this day can’t beat.

The EP is definitely a sonic experience. So, what’s next for Elad David? That’s right… don’t even try to speculate. Just expect the unexpected. However, for the record, he has shared with us at #LT1KF that a new ukulele cover in on the horizon for early 2023. Looking forward to it, and much more to come!

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