Lizard Brain Trust – “Ghost World”

This is a smoothly atmospheric track with minimal proportions that delivers a crunchy sonic oddity. “Ghost World” is a phantasmagoric tune with slightly detuned vocals and ethereal, wailing guitars.


What’s going on everybody! Welcome back. It’s your ghost whisperer, MadZen, and today we might get goosebumps from this Indie Rock track. Brought to us by this American trio, this single provides a subtle escape from the outside world, and an inward ticket to the inside. Let’s get to it!

Lizard Brain Trust is an Indie Rock trio from Lawrence, Kansas. Inspired by bands like Guided by Voices, Bright Eyes, Pavement, Mudhoney, and a heaping dose of Sonic Youth, their sound is somewhere between emotive and even eerie.

“Ghost World” is their latest single release preceding their upcoming album, which will be available on all streaming platforms in October 28th, but which you can already get on Bandcamp. This track features only some electric guitars, and wide vocals. It begins with a softly strung guitar riff, followed by the slightly off tune verses.

The track evolves and creates a semi-dark landscape with a chill energy. Wailing guitar sounds in the background sound like actual ghosts, giving the song its ethereal ambience. No drums, no bass, just the raw vocals and the reverb-drenched guitars. As we come to the end, the chilled guitars suddenly turn into a feed-backing loop of tense dis-harmonies, providing a lot of tension and ultimately a really eerie vibe!

Definitely a smooth track with low energy, perfect to just vibe it out and enjoy the lack of excess noise for a while. LBG have got a couple of local shows coming up at the end of the month, one opening for Radkey and a headlining gig in celebration of our release. Their band features members of The Dead Girls, Many Moods of Dad, Podstar, Stiff Middle Fingers and Curious Things. So,


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