Cindy-Louise “Butterfly”

Today butterflies are twirling around, drunk on love and wearing rose-tinted glasses. Everything is perfect and all flaws that might be present are overlooked. This is “Butterfly“, a single taking us to twirl like butterflies on a dancefloor to some wild love-infused swingy pop beats!

The creator of this joyful tune, Cindy-Louise, is already a familiar name in the blog. Starting from 2019 when she started releasing music as a solo act, this South-African-born singer-songwriter has released a slew of singles, including “Femme Fatale” and “Rise Up“, as well as her debut LP “Humanity”. Her voice is bold and defiant like a rockstar, her sound is diverse and designed to drive her messages forth with power and determination. It’s the sound of a woman knowing her strengths and who she is, and Cindy-Louise aims to remind all women of who they’re capable to be.

“Butterfly” takes a slightly different turn, opening up a world seen through the eyes of a person wearing rose-tinted glasses. Inspired by the artist’s husband whom she loves to no end, the single has no space for any kind of darkness. Quite the opposite – “Butterfly” is a whole load of happiness of a person in love, a person who has found a perfect companion to walk through life with and an undeniable amount of power love is capable of filling you with.

Sparking with seductive jazzy vocals flowing through shimmering pop atmospheres, “Butterfly” quickly picks up speed to turn itself into a ridiculously catchy swing pop song that’s determined to get listeners’ feet going. In fact, Cindy-Louise enhanced the song with elements of 1920s jazz to be a perfect tune for couples to dance to, “like they used to in that jazzy roaring period.”

A great song of happiness and endless optimism, “Butterfly” is out now on your favourite platforms to lighten up your day!


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