Guilherme “Fantasia”

Take a break, about 10 minutes long to allow time for reflection, and experience a transcending audiovisual piece. The artist himself is more of a sculptor than a conventional musician and he seeks to express the multifaceted world as a human being bearing emotions, and he does so by making stunning experimental music. His name is Guilherme.

Brazilian-born Guilherme is a creative artist who makes visionary kind of music. Guilherme is also not a newcomer in the blog – not long ago he released a vinyl LP “Persephone and the Ghost Brother“, which followed his EP titled “Demon“. Both introduced us to his powerful sound that depicted the artist’s personal story with clarity unlike any other. Those two releases also touched the theme of mental health and illnesses, giving the listeners a brutally honest window into the world of a person with mental health problems.

The artist is back with a new single, which takes a light turn away from reality, incorporating the story of a fictional family and their memories. Titled “Fantasia”, it becomes a thoroughly felt stream of memories flowing through Guilherme’s thoughtful vocals and between the lush piano chords. And as the piece carries on, it expands, bringing in string instruments to heighten the nostalgia-infused atmosphere. It feels quite unreal yet absolutely normal, like a carefully held out-of-body experience and one’s existence as a spirit.

This out of body feeling is also present in the single’s music video, which features an Australian dancer and choreographer Aaron Shaw. The hauntingly beautiful play of light and shadow becomes the stage for an emotional and intimate performance, a meditation and a spiritual experience, an open door to e new level of consciousness.

“Fantasia” released on September 29th and it’s the first single from Guilherme’s upcoming solo LP.

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