go4broke – “Don’t Speak”

This is a super groovy Indie Pop track that tackles one of the youth’s most known problems of today: Social anxiety. “Don’t Speak” invites us to dance while delivering an insight into the artist’s thoughts and insecurities, all wrapped up in a super catchy/funky tune.


Good morning, good evening, good night everybody! Wherever you are. It’s your boiiii MadZen and today we have a very nice track for y’all. Sad dancing to a pop groove is the thing today, and this artist knows it. Brought to us by Philadelphia artist, go4broke, this upcoming tune is the perfect track to dance away all your insecurities. Let’s get to it!

I wrote “don’t speak” during a time when I was really struggling with my anxiety. I would run myself in circles about things that weren’t all that big of a deal and it just took me out of it. I felt like my anxieties were keeping me from speaking or really conveying my feelings to people around me. So I decided to write a song about it. The entire chorus was freestyled and the rest I did write before recording but the song came really quickly.

Paker Keskinen aka go4broke

Ok, so, go4broke was created by Parker Keskinen and has seen a lot of acceptance in the Philly music scene. He’s performed both in the Philly and New Jersey areas, leading him to amass a solid amount of followers who just can’t get enough! This new track will be the lead single of his upcoming EP and it is said to become his biggest release yet!

“Don’t Speak” is what Parker calls his “social anxiety anthem”. A pop-driven, youth-speaking track to which lots of young fellas can relate to. The sensation of insecurity whenever you go out, trying to fit in, trying to come up with something to say. All that good stuff. Born in a time when Parker felt safer with himself than anyone else, “Don’t Speak” surrounds the listener with undeniably catchy melodies and a super tight disco groove.

You can expect vulnerable and honest lyricism; an almost-retro production with instrumentation that covers tight drum and bass, super compressed guitar chops, glimmering synths and harmonized vocals. All in all, this single does a great job at speaking to a whole generation, so you bet it’s gonna be big! So,


With my music, I think the one thing you can expect is that something kind of unexpected will happen. I love adding like atmospheric synths to a section of a guitar pop song or weird vocal effects. But yeah just always expect something kinda cool.

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  1. Very cool find. And again, a great source for Bandcamp stuff here on LT1K. Interesting to know he’s located in Philly too, it seems like there’s a lot of stuff happening in that area lately, musically.

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