This is a super exciting Americana Rock track mixed with the traditions of Blues and Folk. “Chasing Birds” presents a thrilling musical experience that plays with time, delivering top-notch lyricism, and passionate, raspy vocals.


What’s up y’all! It’s your Blues enthusiast, MadZen, and today we will prepare for the arrival of an astonishing new track! Brought to us by Cambridge-based artist Imlac, this track is a super fun listening experience with a lot of soul and a lot of groove. Let’s get to it!

Imlac is a Scottish singer-songwriter currently living in the UK. He grew up listening to the country music his uncles and cousins used to play, as well as the sound of bagpipes, his father’s instruments. Raised in a constant exposure to Americana, Soul, Gospel and the Celtic music of his home country, Imlac developed a love for music as well as songwriting. He began writing after listening to Bob Dylan when he was 12 years old, he’s never stopped writing since.

After releasing his first EP, “Black Fire“, which received a glowing review in R’n’R magazine – ‘superb’ – and which title track was played on BBC radio 6 with Tom Robinson, Imlac is now preparing his second EP release, “Sitting on the Moon”. “Chasing Birds” is its opening track.

“Chasing Birds” is all about Americana Rock, inspired and influenced by legends like Van Morrison, Muddy Waters and The Band. This track holds a very special sound, and a unique spirit that follows all of the Blues traditions. Opening up with a thrilling electric guitar riff and a bouncing drum beat, the track quickly presents a mood and groove that can be easily appreciated by any Blues, Soul, and Rock fan.

The song is essentially about feeling like you are always chasing things that are beyond your reach – no matter what you do that bird always seems to escape your grasp and mock your desperation, but you keep going because you have hope. Some of it is also a realisation that despite the fact you might want to take on the world alone, everyone needs a helping hand in life – although we like to believe we have superpowers, we are all just human and must help one another.” – IMLAC

Imlac’s vocals are raw, wide, and passionate. With a fierce delivery howling its way through the chorus, Imlac achieves a valiant and powerful performance that penetrates our ears and reaches our soul. His upcoming EP promises a darker, rockier sound than the folky tones of the first EP, and we most definitely cannot wait to hear what the Scottish man has in store.

Imlac is quoted as saying he will ‘sweat blood’ to write good songs and wants them to reach the widest audience possible – a dream for him would be to play Glastonbury where many of his heroes have done so before!


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