Benton Crane – “Outlier (Among the Stars)”

This awesome song delivers an intoxicating groove through a solid, hypnotic bass line. “Outlier (Among the Stars) presents a unique approach to the psychedelic genre.


What’s up everybody! Welcome back. It’s your boy, MadZen, and today we have a pretty fantastic new tune that has just reached our shelves. Brought to us by an Indie Rock artist from USA, this track opens up a world where beat, groove and harmony fit perfectly with each other. Let’s get to it!

An advocate for mental health, Benton understands the importance of tuning in and tuning out.

Benton Crane is a singer/songwriter from Boulder, Colorado. His music style has been compared to the likes of Arcade Fire, The Flaming Lips, and MGMT. Dope! He blends abstract concepts with imaginative storytelling inspired by the world around him to create songs that tune us out from the everyday chaos. Even if its just for a few minutes!

Outlier (Among the Stars) is his brand-new single, and the first of several songs yet to be released. You can expect hard hitting drums with a delightful groove, a solid bass line that literally carries the whole track, and soothing, harmonized vocals that feel as lush as cool breeze.

Crane, with the help of Hayes Laporte on Bass, aimed to share a sentiment about placement in the world and having an existential understanding. Psychedelic textures and Indie Rock melodies come together in a mesmerizing dance, transporting the listener to a whole new dimension. Carefully structured and with poetic lyricism this track makes its way through the noise and lingers in our ears.

“I want people to feel/ hear/see through my music as well as to offer refuge for folks that may need an escape.”

Spatial synths, stabbing pianos and electric guitar melodies also add value to the ever-expanding universe held within the song. A nice escape towards the depth of our consciousness, with Benton as our mystical guide.


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