Clinically Sane – “Eternal Recurrence”

An Alt-Rock track to shake off the edge of existence. “Eternal Recurrence” is the thrilling debut of this Porto-based artist. Grunge, Rock, and Hard Rock fans will find this tune compelling.


What’s up fam! Welcome back once again to your favorite music blog, where we share with you only the best new music from all over the world. It’s your amigo, MadZen and this time we will travel to the beautiful lands of Porto, Portugal where this debut saw its birth! This track excites with heavy doses of distortion and a solid drum foundation. Let’s get to it!

Clinically Sane is the newborn Alt-Rock project of Tiago Freitas, a Portuguese musician with an internal feeling of urgency to talk openly about mental health and emotions that we all tend to bottle up. Using distorted guitars, synths, and a mixture of clean and aggressive vocals, Freitas is able to talk to a wide audience, no matter their age, race or gender.

The intro riff of the song, that is present in some sections across the song is the first riff I’ve written when I went back to playing guitar in 2019, and was always a part that came back to me even after two years.” – Tiago Freitas

With “Eternal Recurrence”, Freitas debuts with a single that conveys an episode of derealization and living in a constant feeling of Déjà vu. You can hear to what seems like a strong Maynard J. Keenan (Tool) influence in the vocals, and the aggressive musical foundation of bands like Seether, Chevelle, or even A Perfect Circle.

Building up with a slow but steady pace, the track centers all of Freitas’ anger and despair and turns it into something gracefully composed. The lyrics open up about the artist’s heavy inner struggles, a feat that stands strong in and of itself, taking a big weight off his shoulders.

This particular song is about derealization: a mental state where you feel detached from reality. This song was my way to cope with my personal episode of derealization and how I dealt with it. It’s about questioning your own sanity and keeping it all to yourself because of the fear of not being understood. It’s something very close to me, as it still happens here and there and that I had to learn to live with. In the end, I hope that with this song I can show that with professional help, we can learn how to live with our mental issues.” – Tiago Freitas

“Eternal Recurrence” is the first single from Clinically Sane’s debut EP named “Tales of No One” and we hope to be able to feature it in this blog once it’s out. In the meantime, you can support Freitas by hitting that play button.

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