Blonde George – “Coin Toss”

This is a super groovy track with lots and lots of R&B and Tame Impala vibes. With a retro sound, “Coin Toss” speaks about there always being two-sides to every big decision we make, whether we like it or not!


Hello my friends! It’s me, your favorite writer, MadZen. It is my pleasure to greet you once again and to be here with you one more time! I hope you all enjoy the weekend and wish you a wonderful time. We already had for you lots of great new music for you to enjoy. So, let’s get the last one for today!

Let me introduce you to Blonde George, an artist and multi-instrumentalist from Seattle, USA who writes, produces, and mixes all of his tracks! His style can be define as Indie/R&B with a retro sound that delivers a nostalgic essence. Deep, groovy bass, laid-back drums, harmonized vocals, and wobbly guitars are his everyday bread.

His new single, “Coin Toss” is a song about how there are two sides (ups and downs) to everything and how big life choices can be hard to make. George wrote it about indecisiveness and lack of commitment in a relationship but it can be interpreted in many different ways due to the vague nature of the lyrics.

You will be fascinated by is extremely lush sound and psychedelic vibes. A warm and analog experience that’ll satisfy you throughout the day. It is creamy, mushy, and groove. All the things you need to create fantastic Indie/R&B track. And the mix is pretty damn good!

This is so true, that it amazes me George didn’t name the song “Two Sides”, but hey, “Coin Toss” works too. So, if you’re interested (and I know you are), go ahead and


I promise you’ll love it!

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