Painting By Numbers “Rivers EP”

Time to search out the coolest, most colorful lightbulb you have in your stash, let it light up your space and kick back listening to some new chillwave, forgetting all the daily troubles for a while.


A little while ago, Painting By Numbers released their latest single “Weakness“, which introduced the blog’s readers to the trio’s mesmerizing lo-fi infused chillwave sound. Consisting of composer-producer James Smith, guitarist Simon Vince and vocalist Keit Kukk, the trio has been building their chill yet surprisingly powerful music since 2018, releasing tunes since May 2019. So far, they’ve released a slew of singles as well as two EP’s, and one of the band’s EP’s even had a limited cassette run for the physical media enthusiasts among their fans.

The recent single “Weakness” also paved way to Painting By Numbers’ newest EP called “Rivers”. Home to 4 tracks and running for 17 minutes in total, the release opens up a mystical and spiritual world, enhanced with Keit’s enchanting vocals infusing with the flowing sounds and percussion that inspires to move your body. The echoing nearly intoxicating sound has a slightly tribal feel to it, giving the EP a load of ethereal power.

Along with the driving single “Weakness”, the EP has three other worlds to listeners to explore. There’s an immensely uplifting song “Drifting” that tickles the ears of everyone that’s a huge fan of layered textured sounds, outstandingly spacious title track “Rivers” speckled with dreamy guitar sounds as well as “Sands”, the last song of the release introducing chilled synth-driven sound taking you on a journey through hazy colorful atmospheres.


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