This is a super groovy Indie Pop track with a fast pace and a nostalgic 80’s style beat. “Hayley” exposes the harsh reality of catching your lover red handed… and with your own bandmates!


OMG guys, this track is rough. I mean, I’m not actually sure if it is based on a true story but man, I hope it isn’t! Brought to us by this fantastic Welsh band, this single delivers a terrific musical experience filled with tight kicks, great vocals and solid bass lines. Let’s get to it!

THELIXX is a UK Indie-Pop trio with a sensational sense of rhythm and an incline towards the past. They deliver nasty beats and hooky melodies, performing as a unity. This time they are making a come back with their upcoming single “Hayley”, a brilliant Pop track that tells the eternally tragic tale of the eponymous character’s lies and deceit within her relationship.

Hayley’ is the first of 3 singles co-written with Grammy-nominated songwriter Daniel Evans
(John Legend, Reverend and the Makers), and marks the start of a new era of THELIXX; one that sees the boys embracing their inclination towards poppier, hook-driven songwriting.

The lyrics for “Hayley” are written from the writers’ point of view, in this case of the character of frontman Curtis Hicks, an unfortunate guy who sadly caught his girlfriend cheating on him… with his bandmates. True or not, just picturing this scenario gives me the creeps, as it would very much, without a doubt, suck.

What doesn’t suck is the great beat these guys have put together, as well as the exciting vocals. Super poppie, super groovy, and super nostalgic. I know, I love nostalgia and I’m sure you do too. Whichever’s the case, the song offers a bright and energetic plethora of sounds, moves and twists that happen to include a tasteful guitar solo.

To expand the narrative and universe established within the song THELIXX is preparing the release of a music video which takes cues from a plethora of 1980s Horror movies. Sounds fun! In the video we’ll see frontman Curtis Hicks, guitarist Lewis Hawkins, and drummer Shae Owen-Phillips, tangling up together as Hayley’s mischief unfolds. What’ll happen? I don’t know! You better see it!

Hayley” is a fun and exciting track, so you better


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