Bad Blood and Demons

Happy #newmusicfriday to you and what a release day it has been! There have been some fantastic releases that hit the market today and suffice it to say, my ears have been ever so delightfully busy. Hashtag “Good problems to have!” Alas, I am to be bringing to your attention one of them today on this piece, so we’re going to make sure it counts. I don’t say this lightly when I say that today’s song is a remarkable one. Today’s review is of a brand-new single and I’m talking “new, new” as in released only hours ago as of the time that this is being written, on October 28th. Bad Blood, an artist from Newcastle, England has released what tallies up to be the second single of his discography entitled “Every One of My Demons,” and pun totally intended, there’s a lot there to unpack about it. It is no coincidence either, that a song referencing demons is here in time for the Halloween (I see what you did there mister.)

It was such a short time ago that he released his debut single, “A Birthmark On My Hip” in mid-June. In what feels like a whirlwind turnaround time, he already yields 1.6k monthly listeners on Spotify. This assuredly wouldn’t be any kind of mystery to anyone who has listened to the track though. It’s catchy. It’s edgy. The beat knocks. It is cheeky and hip. All boxes checked, I think one would be hard pressed to find anyone with a musical bone in their body that wouldn’t enjoy that first single and music video. However, whereas “A Birthmark on My Hip” was more upbeat and left you vibin’ to yourself in unapologetic vanity, “Every One of My Demons” takes a moody, introspective, turn evaluating mental health in an open and honest manner. Bad Blood declares that this direction sets the tone for his career as well as future upcoming 2023 releases. A few things remain unequivocally the same though: top notch production, infectious melody, and a beat arrangement that knocks your socks off. Have a listen:

I kinda hate the idea that people might hold themself back or feel like they can’t express themselves for fear of being judged by others, that’s just not good for the soul.

Bad Blood discussing “Every One of My Demons”

Boy, tell me about it. I hate the idea as well even though I have suffered the fear many a time. I think a lot of us have, which makes the song relatable. There are a lot of influences Bad Blood cites: Billie Eilish, Lana del Ray, Twenty One Pilots, and more. I would recommend his music for listeners of all those artists as well as throw in my own first impressions of it: grandson, one of my personal favorites, too. I don’t know if Bad Blood is directly influenced by grandson, but even if not, by my ear I hear a lot of potential crossover influences between both of their approaches to writing. I love it. “Every One of My Demons” was a collaborative effort between Bad Blood and award winning songwriter Livingstone Brown who is known for work with Bill Withers, Ed Sheeran, Kylie Minogue, Shakira, Shaggy, and Corrine Bailey Rae.

I love working with Livingstone, musically he just immediately got what I am about and so I feel totally at ease trying out new ideas and approaches to songwriting. I’d say we spend just as much time chatting and putting the world to rights as we do working on the songs. He described me as a “Pop-punk philosopher” the other day, I was more than happy with that

Bad Blood on collaboration with Livingstone Brown

That indeed is an incredible compliment! And for my two cents, well-deserved. As far as I can tell, based on how good this song is, how good the last one was, and how quickly people connected with it, I would hedge my bets on many more exciting things to come. This is a great new indie artist to find and keep up with. Looking forward to 2023 already.


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