Daire Barefoot – “Endeavour”

This track is a wonderful instrumental inspired by the melodic structures of Classical music and Math Rock. “Endeavour” takes us on a journey of perfectly executed melodies and carefully played drums.


What’s going on boys and girls! The weekend is here and today we have a brilliant piece for you to start/continue/end your day in a high note. Brought to us by this USA artist, this track is perfect for all you Polyphia/Animals As Leaders fans. Let’s get to it!

Daire Barefoot is a an artist based out of Wilmington, North Carolina. His compositions are inspired and created through a combination of classical compositions alongside modern math rock artists such as Manuel Gardner Fernandes, Polyphia, and Ichika Nito. He is a guitar virtuoso! And this single proves it.

“Endeavour” is his debut single. Making use of what in music is known as chordal harmony (which is playing different chords in order to come up with a multi-voiced melody), Daire Barefoot created an exciting and pretty inspiring guitar tune. Supporting his guitar, the track also comes with a magnificent drum beat played by artist Christian Black (of duo Holy Heat & owner of School House Studios), where lush cymbals and complex rhythms come together to set the foundation for Daire’s melodies.

As the first thunderclap sounds, we set off marching upon a winding trail to a place where fear and conflict fall at our feet. Once our metaphorical task is complete, the song undergoes a transformation back to its original motif as we find our way trudging back to whence, we came.

Without a doubt there is a lot of thought and care put into this track. A journey that ends as it starts, and that welcomes the listener to be part of it. Whichever the destination is, I’m sure we can all find the beauty in the process, or in this case, in Daire’s musical expression. So,


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