Amelouk “..Like a Shroud” EP

Come take a walk through the intimate landscapes of mind and spirit, guided by emotions and thoughts. Coming in the form of classical piano and serene vocals, this journey is brought to you by Amelouk in her newest EP called “..Like a Shroud“.

Hailing from Finland, Amelouk aka singer-pianist Olga Vähä-Piikkiö creates experimental music. The classically trained artist’s alias comes from the Finnish word for death “kuolema” spelled backwards. That little fact also gives a first clue on what her music is all about. Powered and inspired by the deep and multifaceted nature of our human experiences and looking into that from a different, not previously seen angle, the music of Amelouk is diverse, fearless, intimate and hypnotic.

Just like the topics she handles, Amelouk’s sound refuses to be boxed in by any specific labels, instead it is a freely forming magical experience. While the artist’s previous works could’ve been described as trip-hop infused post rock affairs, her new release goes into the realm of classical music, opening up a hazy realm inhabited by vocals, piano and a soprano lyre.

Titled after an experience of walking outside in the cold wearing nothing more than PJs, “..Like a Shroud” is a deeply introspective EP home to 5 pieces with total runtime of 22 minutes. The soprano lyre that joins the artist’s haunting vocals and her gentle piano runs in “Misery” and “Beric”, was a lucky find in a second-hand store. The EP is partly a live recording as well – Amelouk loves practicing piano while singing, and recording both her vocals and piano felt the most natural.

“..Like a Shroud” is an album on fleeting moments and intangible emotions present in the depths of our minds. Those emotions are basically impossible to describe in mere words in their fullest, but Amelouk has found a way to give them a form through melodies and rhythms provided by her classical piano, the measured power of her moody operatic vocals the magical lyre plucks and the vast echoing landscape in which it all takes place. Inviting space to sink into and get lost in for a good half an hour, to merge from the other side with a rather incredible experience of all that still can’t be described by mere words, but it could be felt.

Amelouk’s EP

..Like a Shroud

is out now on your favourite platforms!

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