“Sacramental Anger” by Pressure Kicks off Halloween

What do you have lined up to watch tonight on all Hollow’s Eve? Pressure? If not, might I make a suggestion? Heck, even if you do, I still have the same suggestion, just add it to the queue. I have a tale for you of witchcraft, voodoo, an enchanted forest, a man going mad, and a ripping… guitar solo. Where might such a tale of horror come from, and in such a timely manner, you ask? The tale was borne of streaming services, yesterday October 30th. The accompanying music video? Today on Halloween 2022.

From the same fabled storytellers that brought you “Change Me” and “In A Dark Heart We Trust,” I present to you “Sacramental Anger,” by Sweeden’s very own Pressure. Stepping out of character for a moment and in all seriousness, this song is, by the very sound of it, “spell-binding” and grounded by Traditional Heavy Metal roots. By my ear it is like Dio, meets Evanescence, meets a twist of something new.

That something new is a “sub-genre” movement happening in that particular part of Europe called “Story Metal.” Pressure have been credited as pioneers and “inventors” of it. Quite interesting. In terms of sound, to me it sounds like a derivative of Power Metal. However, in aesthetic and understanding “what” Story Metal is projecting, I think one could argue there are branches off of Scandinavian Folk Metal. Interesting thought. I don’t make these rules though, I don’t know.

In terms of sound, it is way closer to Power Metal. In approach, what Pressure is coining the phrase of Story Metal around, is quite literally a story. A folklore with every song. Hence, my poorly impersonated “Tales from the Crypt” narration earlier. In “Sacramental Anger,” the story is about a solitary witch who can bend anyone to her will. She lures into the depths of a mystical forest with a gentle lullaby. It’s a hypnosis that the band poses the listener with the question: “Will you be able to resist her spell?” Check out the video:


Don’t just take the lore second hand from me (even that is how many of our infamous stories derive is it not?) Read specifically how the band describes the concept:

We all want to be loved, but it would be much easier if we could add a little magic to achieve this. “Sacramental Anger” is about all-consuming love, but different love: unstoppable, inescapable, ruthless, frightening. When our desires intoxicate the mind, and we go ahead ignoring all obstacles.

Pressure on the story behind “Sacramental Anger”
Pressure Sacramental Anger

The song was written and composed by Simon Forsell, Olof Jönsson, and Olli Violet. Cover Art by Olli Violet. The band is currently signed to XING Records. Subscribe to the band on their website for the latest coverages, updates, shows, and radio play.

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