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A momentous occasion today on LT1KF, it’s not every day that we get to write about a debut. Hold on, I know what you’re thinking, yes we write ALL THE TIME about artists debuting their latest music, of course! That’s OUR thing. However, I am talking about the debut of not only a single, that you can pre-save HERE by the way, but the debut of the artist themself! As in, until this single drops, there is not yet a Spotify to check out. Not yet an Apple Music catalog to “shazam.” And that should make you as jazzed as I am to be in the know about Jaxyn Lethe from Brooklyn, NYC, and her new single coming out “What Do You Do With No One?” on November 1st, 2022 because if you are partial to the likes of Kate Bush (think we all are as of recently aren’t we?) 80’s music, synth pop, ambient, or bedroom pop, then it’s something you are sure to enjoy.

Doesn’t that make you giddy to be in the loop on something this new? It’s like insider trading or a breaking a news story! Did I mention you can pre-save the new song?


“The day I wrote the song, I was going through a tough breakup, was taking a break from school, and my best friend and I had just gotten into an argument. I felt like all outlets of social connection that I had were gone, and I truly didn’t know what to do.” Jaxyn Lethe

It’s quite fascinating, actually, to be writing about an artist this new and have so much to tell. I’m not sure exactly how old Jaxyn Lethe is, and I am not about to insult her with speculation about it because when you’re as old as I am, everyone seems so young. However, it is a significant thing to mention because you know me, I’m going researching. No Spotify bio you say? Sounds like a challenge to me! And wouldn’t you know it, she has a website with archives of footage of her playing since she was 9 YEARS OLD. At this point my mind is blown because she’s not just “tinkering” around with a piano, she has been a full blown concert pianist, trained in classical piano, and was even featured on a PBS story during a “Blues Camp” segment. Jaxyn Lethe made her first genre crossover from Classical to Blues at 9 years old. I’m sitting here writing this hysterically laughing and crying out loud at myself pondering over the power-chord punk rock riffs I still manage to fumble through regularly. It is clearly evident that we have a very special and talented artist here. A savant. Did I mention you can pre-save the new song

What Do You Do With No One?


That’s when I thought of the hook of the song, “What do you do with no one?” because I was thinking that myself. I then started thinking about what I’d done since being isolated, and I listed them in the song.

Jaxyn Lethe
“I feel like this song is a question and answer to itself and follows my personal thoughts whenever I feel lonely. The lyric “I’ll cry my tears and write a song” is also a gentle reminder to myself to keep doing what I love doing most and make music that makes me feel something.” Jaxyn Lethe

If all that wasn’t amazing enough, Jaxyn Lethe is also her own producer. She’s been writing and producing songs for three years. I had the fantastic opportunity to hear the single early and production is indeed top notch. It was inspired by the short film “How To Be Alone” written by Andrea Dorfman. A lyrical concept that is carried throughout the tune, making the listening experience a somber yet cathartic one. If you listen closely, there is a short sample from the film you can catch during the bridge. Ms. Lethe describes the track:

“I wrote this song during a time of extreme isolation and loneliness, feelings that listeners can relate to. This song presents the paradox of feeling happy while alone, and my efforts to do so. Writing about this song provides the opportunity to analyze one’s relationship with loneliness, while engaging with mine.”

Jaxyn Lethe on “What Do You Do With No One?”

A deep and introspective song by a naturally gifted, self-produced, multi-instrumentalist. We are lucky to have artists as talented as Jaxyn Lethe in the world. Did I mention that you can


“Listeners should expect to feel understood from my music. I try my best to write songs that can be understood and interpreted at a lot of different levels, so my hope is that when someone listens to my song, they feel like it relates to something they’ve gone or are going through. I hope my music brings solace to listeners.” Jaxyn Lethe

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