Everything But The Everything – “Never Said”

This is almost a Goth-Rock track with a huge sound and powerhouse vocals. “Never Said” is the single that throws chills down your spine with its fierce attitude and Rock N’ Roll hype.


What’s going on everybody! It’s your boy MadZen, and today we will get just a little bit spooky with this brand-new track. Perfect for the season! Brought to us by this amazing collaborative band, this track is a perfect fit for all you New-Wave, Post-Punk, Alt-Rock fans. Let’s get it!

Everything But The Everything is collaborative band from Oakland, USA. Created by Izzy The Gent (Guitar, Bass Guitar), and supported by Landon Cisneros on Drums. They were featured in this blog a while ago with their single In Love… Again, and now, the American band has joined forces with new elements to strengthen their musical capacities!

“Sophia is so much fun to work with in the studio. Now that we’ve been playing shows together and hanging out more often it’s been great to get to know her even more. After our rehearsals, the band goes out for drinks, usually at The Avenue in Oakland. Our band night has become an extension of our rehearsals in a way”

Izzy The Gent

“Never Said” is EBTE’s third track made in collaboration with singer/songwriter Sophia Prise. A woman with an amazing voice who reminded us of Siouxsie Sioux. This might not come as a surprise as for EBTE draw inspiration from bands like The Cure, Billy Idol and Depeche Mode. So, you can expect some dark undertones in there!

Sophia and I have recorded two prior singles “Just” and “The Story”. This is the third time we collaborate and look forward to more collaborations between her and I in the near future!!” – Izzy

I originally wanted Sophia to sing on song 9, which became “In Love Again” but she wasn’t really vibing with the track. She wasn’t the only one. I had asked other vocalist/singers to take on certain track and all of them seem to be uninspired. So, I suggested a song swap and it worked! Sophia quickly dug the driving bassline. The song was a skeleton at the moment, but I knew it was going to come together and I think she felt the same. Internally, what I referred to as song 13, became “Never Said” with Sophia Prise leading the charge.”

Izzy The Gent

I’m sure that you’ll have a blast listening to this track. It is also part of EBTE’s new album, which you can buy in their Bandcamp:

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