Martina Magionami “The Virgin’s Fountain”

Silver voice, dreamy sound and a story of sadness, Martina Magionami’s new single takes us on a little journey following the footsteps of a man in the streets. Behind the fairly indifferent-looking cigarette-smoking face is a mournful person longing for the lover who had left from his life. This is the man’s tale in the form of “The Virgin’s Fountain“.

Filled to the brim with yearning, this emotional alt-pop single has everything it needs to be a perfect storytelling song. As it follows the storyline, the lyrics pay attention to the surrounding space as well as the little mundane details – all of which bring the song closer to the soul. Piano, slow tentative percussion and round bloops fill the damp chilly atmosphere with blue hues, and emotions soar high. Unreachable memories, the omnipresent pain and emotions that remain filling up the head, “The Virgin’s Fountain” is what it feels like to lose something really good and coping with the pain of grief.

Born as a collaboration between the Florence-based singer-songwriter and Nanne-Emelie Andersen, a Danish person living in Norway, the song’s core is observant and descriptive. In fact, observing and describing was an assignment the duo was working on at the Tuscany Singer-songwriter Retreat & Festival, where they met. With additional help from Vincent Vitale, who provided those beautiful piano and synth parts, as well as producer Giulio Tonini, who did the mixing and mastering, the result has become illustrative, symbolic and quite heavily relatable.

The single’s artwork was done by Pierluigi Schiavone.

The Virgin’s Fountain” is out now

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