Dioneesus is back with “Lolita”

The Pittsburg, PA artist Dionessus said, “fans should expect the unexpected,” when we covered “The Festival” earlier this month on October 1st. Turns out the self-proclaimed “man bun, beer drinking, festival guy” wasn’t kidding, as he’s surprisingly already announced another single that is to follow up to the revolution-themed party anthem entitled, “Lolita,” dropping November 4th. And in contrast to the previous release, “Lolita” is a hypnotic, dreamy, and warm love song that details a love affair from both parties’ perspectives (male and female energies). Featuring guest vocals by Nandita Mahesh, the song still feels “mind-altering” despite it being a love song. The vocal call and response technique between Dioneesus and Mahesh invoke the sentimental, romantic feelings that are at the core of every great love song. I particularly love the bridge, when the jangly guitar drops off and it sounds like only drum and bass accompanied by an almost jazzy sounding saxophone or clarinet. Although, it might be a synth, I couldn’t quite make it out completely. During the bridge, Dioneesus delivers a moving melody with pleasant but subtle harmonies before delivering a raspy lyrical crescendo belted at the tail end of the phrase: “Standing on the ledge with you toniiiiggghhhtt…” Then moving right back in step to the ever so catchy hook of the song. The bass is very smooth sounding and hard hitting to my speakers as well, definitely a thing I like about this track, noteworthy of calling out.


Plans for an accompanying music video for “Lolita” are also in the works. It will star Stacia Paglieri and was filmed in the Pittsburgh Cultural District. As of right now, the video slated to be released on November 14th, ten days after the single releases to streaming services. It is teased that the video will feature several works of the PGH Cultural Trust artists, giving it a nice buzz of anticipation amongst the artist community.

This single is one more sequence (that began with “The Festival) in a six-part release plan in support of his latest album, 2024 Side B. The album is anticipated to explore a range of themes ranging from new love (as we’re seeing here); conflict, aging, adventure, and social evolution. Presented by Keystone Artist Connect, there will be an album release show held at Redfishbowl on November 12th also featuring performances from artists Kenny Stockard and Livefromthecity.

Accompanying the album release, aside from the show, will also be three original music videos, a “making the album” behind the scenes documentary, and two mini-documentaries covering “an immersive event” in New York City. So as you can see, lots of things we can SEE coming our way from Dioneesus, but still plenty of room for more surprises!


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