HWDU – “Better You Than Me” EP

Get ready for an explosive parade of high-gain tracks. “Better You Than Me” is a collection of Heavy Rock songs with Stoner grooves, infused with Punk sensibilities.

What’s going on everybody, welcome back! It’s your stoney writer, MadZen, and today I’m actually pretty excited for this upcoming release. Brought to us by an independent 4-piece heavy rock band from sunny Swansea, South Wales, this EP delights and excites with its abundance of heavy riffs and epic grooves. Let’s get to it!

HWDU (sounds like Hoodoo) is a band from the UK with an approach to music that can be compared to bands like 1000 mods, Black Angels, or even The Sword. They released an EP back in 2021 titled “Love Crime“, and now these high-octane devils are ready to unleash a new one.

Making use of low tunings, the riffs inside “Better You Than Me” are chunky, fatty, gnarly, bulky… you get what I mean. Powerful drums, clean vocals and fuzzy basses come together to create a rampage of distortion and groove, accessible for anyone!

Lead single, “Machine”, opens up the EP with a massive wall of sound. Smacking drums, witty riffs and melodies, ask and response vocals. An introduction that leaves no doubt of what HWDU is all about. The earth will scorch, the machines will roar!

Second track “Better You Than Me” is yet another fierce track of epic proportions that slams at us with a powerful vibrating sonic structure. Maybe it’s just me, but this track reminds me of some good ol’ 90’s / 00’s Rock. We continue with “President”, a more upbeat track with even more crunchy riffs to go by. This one really stays true to HWDU’s Stoner roots.

“Squat” presents an entertaining Southern approach to Heavy Rock, with banjo-like melodies and an up-beat rhythm. Get on your best pair of boots and crack a beer! “White Horse” simply obliterates with its high-speed arrangements and exploding choruses.

Last but not least, “Lotus Eater” closes up the EP with a chilled, atmospheric intro. Wailing guitars, introvert melodies, and an ecstatic dance that suddenly builds up into a super groovy instrumental. Of course, heavy vocals couldn’t miss, and they deliver so with an 80’s Metal vibe. Truly and amazing and epic finale.

Without a doubt a great EP release by HWDU, so go ahead and


The band are:

Matt Williams (Suns Of Thunder, Sigiriya) – Guitars and vocals

Matt Williams (Suns Of Thunder, Sigiriya) – Guitars and vocals

Owen Foote – Drums and some more vocals

Gavin Smith – Just bass.

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