Jackie Minton feat. Julianna Sweeney “That’s Alright”

As the nights get longer and darker, the desire for mellow and introspective music grows along with the amount of cash put aside for the purchase of the largest and softest duvet available. The blanket you will have to find yourself, but we have a wonderful new single fitting the mellow music mood – this is Jackie Minton and her brand-new release “That’s Alright“!


“It’s night and that’s alright” is spoken as a sign of acceptance and content in this jazzy single co-created with Minton’s friend Julianna Sweeney. The single’s draft was born a little while ago and sent over to Julianna with a hopeful desire that one day the two would be able to sing in it together. Life provided a way, and when Minton and Sweeney met in Texas, they took the chance and “That’s Alright” took its beautiful shape. Duet of soft vocals flowing in the middle of smooth swinging instrumental backing, the song radiates warmth, emotional maturity and tenderness, just the right amount of all that to really warm up your soul when it’s chilly outside.

That’s Alright” is the second single coming from the upcoming EP of the Texas-born artist. Following her desire to create storytelling music, Jackie Minton is not held back by genres. Previous releases include a full-length album titled “Earnest Voice” as well as a slew of singles, in which the artist grew her heart-melting folky sound. This single is a departure from that and into the territory of mellow jazz, something she hasn’t tried yet before. Hearing this absolutely melodious song as well as the previous single “Wherever I Go” shows that she’s done a wonderful job capturing that cozy sound filling those long nights with warmth and emotional wellness.


So, you’d be first to hear it on its release day 4th of November!

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