Moon and Aries, Stars Align for Break The Matrix (Episode Two)

Two distant geographical locations house two planetary messengers that comprise the duo known as Moon and Aries. Tom Aries in Germany, and Jordana Moon in Canada. They have just released Episode Two of a Trilogy entitled “Break The Matrix.” Episode one, “Break The Matrix (Episode One),” was covered here at #LTK1F last September.

There’s a lot to unpack with the concept and story, so I am here to be your celestial guide and bring you up to speed with the 8,000 monthly Spotify listeners currently navigating the stars with this project, in case you missed the spaceship. No spoiler alerts, but if you’re ready for the ride, feel free to give a go and listen the latest episode that was released yesterday, November 3rd, now:

It all started with an Arrival, also covered here. The arrival consisted of nine interdimensional tracks borne of thought provoking lyricism and cinematic synth that established what the duo is referring to as a “movement” they intend to stay at the forefront of: Synth Pop Opera. A mighty concept and movement indeed! We have had concept albums, EPs, music videos of all sorts.

A lot of what I’ve seen calls back to “Rock Opera” type of projections like The Who, Meatloaf, and Between the Buried and Me etc. The idea of intertwining science fiction, astrology, and synth pop in operatic conceptual format is cutting edge and forward leaning! Cool stuff. Back to the concept, subsequent to the arrival, our duo then created Paradise. It seems as though in order for this paradise to manifest, they will need to break us of our conditional perceptions now with “Break the Matrix.”

“Break the Matrix” is a conceptual trilogy, each consisting of three tracks. In episode one, there were themes of “invasion” and anticipation for something (“Closer and Closer”). A foreshadowing of sorts, calling into question your current perceptions, for example, the lyrics “Be aware of me,” and “become the water and the air we breathe… and everything in between” (“The In Between”).

And the final part of the first episode left on a bit of a cling hanger, lyrically implying somewhat of a mental collapse. As if the realization of “the matrix,” my guess would be, is manifesting. Aries sings lyrics about voices in his head and his desire to no longer feel the way he currently feels any longer, ending with the visual of a virtual character fleeing the confinement of the room inflaming the mental anguish and then standing on water staring out into the abyss.

In this new episode, only two of the three tracks currently have accompanying music videos available to carry forward the visual part of the saga. Although, you can listen to the entire work on Spotify. “Rescued” released yesterday with the EP and “Butterfly Effect” released a matter of hours ago:

It seems that episode two picks up on a more uplifting note (if indeed “Rescue” is to be interpreted as the first chapter of it). A big theme behind it is the idea that “you’re not alone.” So perhaps picking up where the last chapter left off during mental breakdown, “Rescue” is providing some much-needed reassurance. My hot take on the idea of a Matrix: the truth is only scary at first, find a way to make it empowering. No idea if that’s what the band meant or not, haha. That’s just me taking in and going along with the story.

Just a matter of hours ago, as of the time this is being written, “Butterfly Effect” was also released. Talk about a “real time” review! This is indeed like the Matrix!

If you don’t know already, the concept of a butterfly effect is the idea that the small actions we take today ultimately have incredible impacts on the future (and as well as the present in many contexts). It’s why in time travel movies or stories they get fixated on not “touching” or “altering” anything in the past, or you run the risk of significantly changing the future.

Quantum physics have debated this idea most recently with multi-dimensional timeline concepts etc. but now I’m taking you down a whole other rabbit hole of the matrix. It’s an interesting thing to ponder about what is implied when listening to Moon sing lyrics like “affect me in hallway,” “meet me at the beginning,” and “collisions of our in affections,”.

Here you have the brand-new video of the visual accompaniment of “Codes and Circles” released on Saturday, November 05th.

Moon and Aries "Break the Matrix" Episode Two

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