Ten Eighty Trees – “Wear Me Down”

This track is an emotional catharsis where high-gain riffs and passionate vocals rise up to create an Alt-Rock spectacle. “Wear Me Down” talks about the pressure we put on ourselves and the way we compare ourselves with other people, always seeking perfectionism.


What’s going on boys and girls! It’s your amateur physicist, MadZen, and today we’ll talk about pressure. The kind of pressure that is put into us by either society, friends, family, or even ourselves! In this upcoming track brought to us by this great British band, we will discover the root of our toxic perfectionism. Let’s get to it!

Ten Eighty Trees are a band deep rooted in the North of England who craft a brazenly loud and intoxicatingly infectious songwriting. A trio with a lot to say, using their emotions to create powerful and attractive music. Having previously opened for We Are Scientists, King No-One, Jake Bugg and Bob Vylan, receiving further backing from BBC Radio 6 Music, Ten Eighty Trees have a bright future in their way.

“Wear Me Down” is the preceding single of their upcoming 2023 EP. A track that searches for the source of our own dissatisfaction. Always wanting to be more than we already are.

The track shines a spotlight on the pressure we put on ourselves to be more than we currently are and the stifling exposure to content that makes us feel this way. It causes so much unnecessary anxiety and yet we all seem addicted to feeding the industries that cause us to compare ourselves with airbrushed versions of reality, me included.” – Ten Eighty Trees

Drawing inspiration from American bands like Teenage Wrist and Thrice, evident in the rasped vocals and melodic lead guitar in the chorus and the woozy guitar lines in the verses, TET also blends in some of their 90’s British Rock influences, such as Suede or Manic Street Preachers. The result is an explosive, lush, and cathartic experience where the singer lets out all of his frustration, as he repeatedly shouts the relatable hook “it wears me down“.

As a way to balance out the negative emotions, the song comes with a very fun music video, where three “Rob Boss” characters paint away their pain with a high dose of irony, playfulness, and sarcasm. Without a doubt this is an intense yet melodic anthem that plunges its way through heavy emotions like doubt and fatigue, reminding us that it’s never good to compare each other and to be proud of what we’ve achieved so far.

“I think I was really feeling the burnout of comparing myself to others when I wrote the lyrics to this. Likening life to being like treading water, just about staying afloat but not really making enough progress. I was stuck in a rut when the reality was life was going pretty well but I’d led myself to believe I should be doing more, comparing myself with other people’s online representations of themselves.” – Ten Eighty Trees

“Wear Me Down” is a great single, so you better


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  1. Awesome!! I’m familiar with this band, love their stuff. Score on the pre-save

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