Throw the Roses – “High & Dry”

OH. MY. GOODNESS. That’s “ERMAGERD” in “Millennial.” I received a blessing from the editor today with this review. I can’t even hide my implicit bias for this song. It’s a track that speaks closely to my generation of music. It is aggressive, it has post-hardcore roots, it is melodic, it turns the screamo up to eleven. It has a breakdown in it. Pretty much all my personal musical tendencies and tastes are reflected in Throw The Roses‘ latest single, “High & Dry.” And for crying out loud, once again Pennsylvania-adjacent as far as I can tell! Those folks on the East Coast are just flowing with creativity based on my recent observations lately. For fans of Silverstein, Underoath, and perhaps those of you who got caught in the windstorm recently at the When We Were Young festival, this is a great find for you. If you don’t already know about it. I’ll just hush and let you watch. Go ahead and take in the video, while I take a deep breath before continuing.

Fresh off the press, as far as I can tell about this band. I only see one previous release in their Spotify discography from back in March of 2022. Another solid, stand-alone single called, “Wayward.” I refer to it as a “stand-alone” because the band cites “High & Dry” as the first official single off what is to be an upcoming self-titled EP. In that respect, it would seem that we shouldn’t expect to see “Wayward” (a song that has already amassed 50 thousand views and counting on YouTube) to be on the new EP. The band decided on “High & Dry” to be the lead off for the next upcoming release as a result of a sold-out show in Philadelphia recently. Turned out, that the song was very well received by the crowd. Judging by the video aesthetic, it’s not hard to see why. The song is packed full of energy, navigating through dynamics of loud, rocking, and melodic movements that makes it perfect for crowds to sing along to drunkenly and loudly, right before manically moshing their hearts out.

As with most songs of this genre, a big selling point for me are the lyrics. Lyrics that in this case, are described by the band as “heartfelt,” and about giving out too many second chances. Per the band:

“Quite literally intended to convey life is too short to waste your time on people that don’t reciprocate.”

Throw the Roses on “High & Dry”

Preach! You had me at “too many second chances,” fellas. Rock on.

I am certainly a fan moving forward, and after reading this I hope I have convinced you to be, too.

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