littleuniverses – “Sword”

“The link that you send me leads to another me, the goddess with a sword”. That is the image that resonates within the first few seconds of the stunning new littleuniverses single, “Sword”. Writing and releasing her own original music since 2019, this girl from Montreal, Quebec, teases us with the sound we should expect from her upcoming self-titled debut album. And it’s dark, darker than anything she’s ever put out before – and much more beautiful.

Teaming up with producer Randall Dunn (Zola Jesus, Sun O))), Anna von Hausswolf), “Sword” starts with pianos, guitars and synths that create an eerie atmosphere and as soon as her voice softly sneaks in, we’re already hooked and unwilling to let go. It’s unlike anything she’s ever shown us before, a dramatic departure from the folk and alt-rock leaning EP Corners released just two years ago. This darker atmosphere makes her music sound incredibly layered with a richer sound and lush production that keeps us on our toes every second of the way, until it ultimately fades and leaves us wanting more.

On this track littleuniverses explores the notions of love and longing, writing about someone who idealizes the digital, online version of the person while still yearning for the real one, like a twisted take on Dorian Gray or something we’d read about in a Neil Gaiman short story. The music video, directed by Zeke Ramazan Gase and edited by Steve Selman, showcases the disparity between the digital and the organic very well, with alternating black-and-white and color footage of both technology and nature in a very poetic way. It makes sense but feels just a bit off, and she makes it extremely relatable. It’s haunting, it’s ethereal, it’s beautiful. It’s also terrifying, and that’s exactly the appeal of littleuniverse’s music: the way it just feels like you know what she’s singing about even though you’ve never thought about it before. “I am led to believe that only human interaction can completely satisfy human desire”, as she herself points out. And this is the kind of human interaction you can’t stop thinking about once you’ve experienced it. I am definitely looking forward to listen to the full album, due to February 10th of next year!

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