Eric Cohen’s new battle anthem A.M.E.N.

Kansas City’s Eric Cohen is a product of the harsh realities of our earthly world. Many of which I can identify with personally. I think that is the part of his artistic projection that I connect with the most. Cohen, who grew up in a household of addiction and poverty, has made it a personal mission to vocalize his story through art and lyrical poetry and inspire others to overcome their personal struggles just as he has.


In doing so, he has no qualms about telling you exactly what he thinks about it, how he views all things possible, and how much of his outlook today is rooted deeply in his personal faith. Indeed, if you are in a place that you feel is so low, and you find something that works for you, you’re only going to feel none other than compelled to shout it from the rooftops.

Especially if you identify and empathize with the struggle. In what he has called a “battle anthem,” Cohen expresses a strong desire to inspire people who are lost and in need of healing with this latest single, “A.M.E.N.” Available for streaming as of last week on November 4th and currently available to support on Bandcamp:

The beat knocks on this track. Very cool. The piano progression is smooth. Cohen’s hook is catchy and the flow is rhythmically competent, on the level with many of the great rappers out there. Cohen makes it clear though, that none of this is about money or seeking out any kind of “fame.” The aggressive manner in which the song comes off as is what he calls, “my flavor of worship music, I suppose.” Clearly, he is an artist passionate about a message and that fuels a certain authenticity in the way that it sounds overall. He states on his Bandcamp bio:

Since quitting drugs and giving my life to God things have changed immensely for the better. It amazes me what the Father is capable of doing even with someone like me. 

Eric Cohen

The song is a quality sounding product, recorded, mixed and mastered at Cohen’s home studio. Cover art is credited to Uptown. He has an interesting range of influences that he references including Mac Miller, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd and Toby Mac. My initial impressions upon listening to the new single, and his previous release (a full length album) “Paint a Picture,” was that his style and sound reminded me of NF. I would recommend this artist for anyone who is also a fan of NF.

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