Joshua Martin – “High Go Down”

This Los Angeles-based artist takes us on a retro drive with his upcoming single. “High Go Down” focuses on the energy and rhythms of the 80’s to create a pleasingly musical experience.


Hello, boys and girls! Welcome back, it’s your boy MadZen and it is my pleasure to be here back again with all of you. I hope you had an amazing weekend and crushed it out there. If you’re feeling down, I hope you overcome your struggles pretty soon, keep your head up! Today we will talk about an upcoming single that talks about something that’s almost inevitable on any relationship: Jealousy. Let’s get to it!

The song “High Go Down” was recorded in Riverside, CA and was produced by the amazing Tokøta, who produced the track in the UK, and Indonesia.

Joshua Martin is an English & Spanish songwriter from Los Angeles who is heavily influenced by music from the 80s. He was 10 yo when he realized he could write music, and since then he’s been writing no stop. He started by writing lyrics, then coming up
with melodies, and later adding the beat. As mentioned before, his music comes with a lot of 80’s inspiration, so you can expect some dancing synths in there.

“High Go Down” is a single that delivers high-reaching jumping synths, a nice percussive/drums and soothing vocals! It does have that positive state of mind of a feel-good party track, but the lyrics show a palpable contrast between emotion and melody. Pretty straight forward as for what the message is: Jealousy makes my high go down. Much relatable!

People can expect to hear a little nostalgia in all of my music. There’s always a little 80’s and early 90’s influences in my music.

Joshua Martin

Whether you want to listen to a nice little retro composition, or just vibe to a particular mood, this song is a good start. Anyways be sure to show it some love and tell us what you think!


That’s it folks, see you on the next one!

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