SERENA powerful new song “Heartworm”

Serena “Heartworm”. Love happens. Just like accidents, love is not something that could easily just be called out. And similarly, to accidents that might have worse or better outcomes, sometimes the love interest person is far from great, in fact, their presence feels like a parasitic infection. In this particular story, there is a heartworm and a singer-songwriter, who, despite managing to cut the worm out of her life, is still haunted by the memory of it. For our listening experience, she has turned the tale into a song.




The singer-songwriter in question is SERENA, a London-based performing artist and producer creating music she calls as Deep Dark Indie. To tell the “Heartworm” tale, she has gone back to her roots of Rock, more specifically rock ballad, and the piano has become an integral part of the single. That doesn’t mean the song sulks in any way or form – quite the opposite.

“Heartworm” is a genuine ‘Piss Off’ song directly aimed at the person behind the awful experience. In fact, both the person and the memories of them left behind are targeted in this emotional and powerful song. The undercurrent of moody piano chords acts as support pillars in an ethereal and tall-sounding atmosphere, punctuated by wailing electric guitar chords and surrounding SERENA’s beautiful emotive voice. They also surround the angriest part of this song, the venting rapping verses where the artist spills out everything she feels, ultimately relieving the tension that’s been bottled up.

“Heartworm was born one night, at 3 am in the morning in my little bedroom in London. I had this melodic line stuck in my head. I tend to write very “wordy lyrics”, I guess you could say that it’s because I have a lot to say, but for once I wanted to have something short and concise for the chorus, to highlight the core of the song: the word Heartworm.

But when it came the moment to write the music for this track my guitarist and I were having such an hard time up until he switched to the piano and the chords materialised right away. Even though we needed up adding guitars on the final track, I believe the piano helped the writing process to achieve that storytelling feeling that is mostly claimed by love-ballads.”


The single goes beyond just telling a story – it’s a cautionary tale as much as it is a reassuring push to think for yourself in relationships. A great song for those of you currently stuck with someone that suffocates you like a heartworm. That includes the haunting memories of such people in your past.

“I describe my sound as Deep Dark Indie but I always make sure to guide the listener toward the light at the end of the tunnel. There is always hope, you can get out of it, and I’ll hold your hand on the way there.
Just like a deadly parasite that kills you from the inside, you can find your escape and free yourself at last.”


“Heartworm” is out



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