Electric Sol – “Looking For Love”

This track sets a warm mood with a romantic atmosphere that invites us to dance and search for true love in the right places. “Looking For Love” presents a Synth-Wave groove with a retro touch and catchy melodies.


What’s going on, boys and girls! Welcome back! It’s a brand new day and with it comes brand new music. It’s me, your love seeker, MadZen, and today we will get our groove on with this fantastic retro-themed Electropop track that will ignite our senses. Brought to us by a USA band, this track will shake your bones and lighten up your spirit. Let’s get to it!

Electric Sol is a band from Phoenix, Arizona, with a lean towards the Indie Dance Pop genre, that loves the feel-good vibes of the 1980s. Created by Ed Sweet (lead vocals), Lindsey Bair (backup vocals), Cody Hazelle (Octatrack), Robert Bates (keys), and
Eddie Rossi (guitar), Electric Sol’s motto is no egos, no ideologies, and no expectations. Cool!

“Looking For Love” is their most recent release, following their previous summer dance anthem Lucky Day, up to date. It was made in collaboration with a compatriot of mine, Mexican producer and DJ: Toxxic Project. Electric Sol decided to work with him after he contacted them out of the blue with a killer remix of their song City Tonight. This single is the first of several songs they’re working up with him!

The foundations of the track are a solid kick drum and a fat, groovy groove reminiscent of the 80’s and mixed with some Synth-Wave textures. The overall fill is that of magic and wonder, inviting the listener to either dance or contemplate the stars on an early Sunday morning. Lyrics express the desire to find true love, the kind of love that feeds your soul and makes you feel complete. Cleverly placed synths and echoing harmonies support the love-struck vocals.

The most amusing things have happened after the song came out. It’s been used to make lots of funny Instagram reels and TikTok videos, with people looking for love and not finding it, scrolling through Tinder, things like that. Someone also posted on Twitter that Looking For Love was one of their favorite new releases. The other two had titles like I Crush Your Skull and Weaponize Your Dreams, so we thought that was funny.” – ES

The Arizona-based band has realized that love can be looked for anywhere, and that people have their own go-to places, and their different ways to find that perfect match. Talking about perfect matches, I’m sure this track will be perfect for most of you out there. So, go ahead an hit that play button! MadZen out.

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