Clinically Sane fierce and interesting new single “Midnight Library”

“Midnight Library” is an outstanding Alt-Rock/Metal track that delivers a fierce and interesting melodic structure by Clinically Sane, with big, impactful choruses and subtle electronica elements. “Midnight Library” speaks to the wounded, and the brave.


What’s going on, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back! It’s your boy, MadZen and today we will get emotional with this brand-new track. Tiago Freitas has returned better than ever with an amazing single that captivates and captures with its heavily vibrant melodies. Let’s get to it!

In case you don’t know Clinically Sane, it is the solo project of Portuguese musician, Tiago Freitas. A project where metal and alt-rock come together, achieving a blend similar to those of Linkin Park, Alter Bridge or Three Doors Down. The project comes from an internal feeling of urgency to talk about mental health and emotions that we all tend to bottle up. If you missed his previous release, you can check it out right here: Eternal Recurrence.

“Midnight Library” is Tiago’s newest single and also the second single from the upcoming “Tales of No One” EP. Titled the same as Matt Haig’s novel, this track is actually about a true story. You can expect gracefully swinging drums, intoxicating vocals, big deep synth leads, beautiful dynamics, and choir like pads. Everything comes together pretty well to create a blend between visceral aggression and emotive tenderness.

Lyrics tell the tale of someone who decides to take their own life and regrets it afterwards. Although the subject is a bit abrasive, Freitas ends the song in a high note, just like his previous single, by trying to show that there’s always something worth living for.

“Now I can see it in my eyes, This won’t be the end of it, Who knows what I’ll become…”

Unquestionably the composition is pretty unique and original, proving that Clinically Sane follows a line of its own. The sheer emotion in the vocals and the perfectly balanced dance between distortion and softness delivers a tune that will definitely captivate every listener. So, go ahead and


Clinically Sane 2

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