Chris Ianuzzi – “Lonesome Highway Superstar”

This single and music video are a complete psychedelic experience, both musically and visually, thanks to its AI generated music video. “Lonesome Highway Superstar” takes us on a wild ride where multiple universes, worlds, and realities come together in this artist’s visionary trance. Out now!

Hello boys and girls! It’s your interdimensional traveler, MadZen, and I’m super glad to be here with you once more. How’s your November going? Today we’re a going to get trippy, and I mean trippy, with this new music video. Brought to us by a New York City artist, this song is a journey through the stars that begins with a dream. Let’s get to it!

Chris Ianuzzi is presented as a New York-based Electronic Music Visionary. He’s known for shunning the mainstream by releasing bold, decidedly non-mainstream music intended for the serious listener. Such is why his music could be easily appreciated by fans of Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross, Aphex Twin, Amon Tobin, Oneohtrix Point Never, Gary Numan or John Carpenter. Pushing the limit with highly intricate melodies and carefully crafted sound design, Ianuzzi is an artist with a unique sense of musicality.

“LHS” is a single taken from his album “Maze”, which was released on April 8th. It is an electronica track infused with elements of Post-Punk and New Wave. A rare mix that not only defies the conventional structures but also adds a lot to the table when talking about such genres. Ianuzzi, wanting to make a music video similar to his previous release “March of Madness”, approached once again Ethem Serkan Sökmen, and İlke Köse, two experimented creators who use AI image generation tools and techniques.

My initial idea for a video was a “Road Warrior” type with a beat up car on a desert highway. After I thought about this and saw what Serkan and Ilke did with AI in making the video for March of Madness, I thought it was time to search for something different. I thought, let’s put the character in space and make the journey Cosmic. I shared my thoughts with them and off they went.”– Ianuzzi

The result is, for lack of a better word, mind-blowing. The level of complexity, colors, and images portrayed in the video almost shadow the actual song. We are shown a vast and endless variety of universes and complex forms, even cosmic deities, all coming and going as we fluctuate across endless dimensions.

Without a doubt a sight to see, the video is an excellent representation of what Ianuzzi wanted to convey. Our on-going journey through the stars.

This song was based on a piece that I had called “Dreamer” You can hear me saying “ Dreamer” throughout this song. I went into change mode, kept certain things and made new things to make the song what it is now. There is also lyrical references to a song called “Glides On” on Avalanche, the first album of my I, Synthesist project.” – Ianuzzi

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  1. Trippy video! Super cool man. It’s like NIN (like Madzen wa sayin) meets Gorrillaz.

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